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Yes I Am Biased… This is My Blog… GEORGE MARSHALL of Honamu

Aaron over at The Kona Blog just emailed me a link to a recent letter to the editor in the Big Island Weekly from George Marshall that made me laugh a bit.

I’ll respond in bits and pieces

The bloggers on the Big Island are a funny sort. I just recently moved here from California after retiring (laid off) from a career job in SoCal. I worked in the editorial side and advertising worked on the advertising side — so ethical boundaries were never crossed…

Well here we go again… another former unemployed newspaper person attempting to beat down local bloggers.

..I am still interested in the news, especially news from where I live here on the Big Island. I read the dailies, I read your weekly and I check out the bloggers here. It just seems funny to me that bloggers have all of this advertising on their Web sites here. Do the bloggers have a separate office for their advertising staff? I don’t think most of them do, so how do you maintain a level of being unbiased? You can’t, it is simple as that…

I only know a couple of blogs on this island that have more then one paid advertisement on their site.

I’ll be honest and say that everything I write about or print on my blog is biased to what I want to print or publish here.

…Sure the bloggers always argue that they are not journalists, but that is a bunch of crap and they know it. Anyone who reports news in a public venue is a journalist, so stop trying to hide behind your ignorance. The Big Island really needs to wise up to these would-be reporters who claim to have the scoops. Most of them are people with an axe to grind and you can see that in the way their “stories” are presented. Most of the bloggers “reports” are press releases straight from the source without any corroboration of any sort. If that is the news you want, then you deserve the government you are going to get…

Why would you even read our blogs if they get your panties in a wad so much?

I print press releases as they are… unlike newspapers who get the same press releases I get… and then try and re-write the article as if it was their own story… pfft!

…This is a great place to live, but as for me I will be reading the news from the people who actually get paid to do it. Not from a bunch of folks looking to make an easy buck from clueless advertisers who are paying to get their fur petted

George Marshall


The advertisers on my site obviously may be much happier with my rates and my blog then they may be with the local papers? I can’t verify that… but my sponsors/advertisers are free to do what they would like and advertise with whom they choose to support.

Also, my articles/press releases/stories and pictures are available for ever… unlike our local newspaper sites. Heck… it’s hard enough to find something more then a few months old without having to pay for it.

Sad when advertisers pay so much for a newspaper ad… but then that ad becomes… Yesterdays news. No matter how far back you go on my site… the Advertisers/Sponsors are still on the front of my site.

I don’t even know why I’m commenting to a commenter in one of our Stephens Media run newspapers.

It is funny how former folks that used to be journalist… are pretty much knocking the fact that someone like me… can make even a little bit of money… and someone like him… well can’t even find a job now.

5 Responses

  1. Big Mahalo to all of the bloggers who post community press releases. Often, its the only way to get information out to more people. Radio and print cost big bucks and blogs are the next best way to inform the public, and, as you mentioned, a way to check archives at no cost! Mahalo Bloggers!

  2. As far as it goes, I’m with George that I wish you wouldn’t publish press releases. After all, what does a press release have to do with your personal view of the world? I know that you feel that you have to publish something every day, but I think you’re just using press releases to fill up space, which is exactly the kind of nonsense that mainstream media has to do (witness the Sunday paper and it’s wire-service filler). Bring back “knockout of the day” or something! :-)

    In general, though, the letter reminded me of this article on “Andy Rooney’s Grumpiest Segments”: http://bit.ly/aBrPqj+

    • KO of the Day got old for me…

      At least the PR’s can be informative and allows folks to comment on them if they wanted to.

  3. Doesn’t the title say “Damon Tucker’s BLOG”? So I guess he can write or insert anything he wants.

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