New Electric Car Plant to be Built in Hawaii… Lingle and Some Prototypes

Governor Linda Lingle and DBEDT Director Ted Liu help champion the expansion of energy independence for Hawaii with the addition of another electric car product for Hawaii’s Consumers:


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  1. Is this another Lingle ‘superferry deal’? What do we know about this company (other than what it writes about itself)?

    And why is no one questioning the previous related deal with “Better Place”? These companies are very suspicious.

    Here are some quotes and links:

    “CT&T’s built a website aimed at US sales ( but it says little. Their Korean website ( states that the vehicle weighs only 1146 pounds (without the battery) and can go on a road with up to a 22 degree slope. The car is banned on highways. The trunk size is not specified. The car is ideal for 1-2 people touring on non-hilly urban city streets, such as Waikiki.

    The E-Zone prototype vehicle is brand new, and its specifications are in a state of flux. The vehicle resembles a golf cart, it may be powered by a lead-acid or lithium polymer battery, has optional air bags, has a maximum range of 45-75 miles, and has a maximum speed of 25-45 mph.”

    … why is the E-zone not listed on the page that lists ALL of the electric vehicles in the world?

    More questions about CT&T:

    Where will these cars ‘plug in’ to recharge? THAT has already been decided. HECO made an agreement with “Better Place, Inc.” in 2008.

    ““Better Place Israel (BPI) …is establishing a system of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Israel and for Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank. The company has been a poster child for efforts to greenwash Israel — presenting it as a haven for environmental technologies — yet it has close ties to Israel’s military and political establishments and its principal officers express an explicitly anti-Muslim and anti-Arab agenda.

    BPI’s chief executive officer is former general Moshe Kaplinsky …[the] deputy chief of staff of Israel’s army during its 2006 war on Lebanon when Amnesty International and other human rights groups charged that Israel committed numerous war crimes …”

    Greenwashing, war crimes and backroom deals:

  2. Great!

    Let’s hope this one actually follows thru in the promise!

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