Spelunking Thurston Lava Tube

I’ve mentioned a few times that I got to explore Volcanoes National Park with a few media folks the other day.

Here are some pictures of us exploring Thurston Lava Tube.

Our guide Warren Costa leads the way.

Sherie Char, of Hawaii Magazine carefully steps into the cave.

We let our eyes adjust to the lighting before proceeding

Warren explains that these roots grow from the trees above and they are vital to the ecosystem of the cave as the cave insects feed off of them

Mr. Costa was kind enough to provide us each with flashlights

We stopped off at a few places along the cave and Warren explained how the cave was formed and what they were used for

There were all sorts of weird formations in the cave.

This was actually “Roof Collapse” which kind of got me to thinking what in the heck was I doing in there!

The cave is sealed off by park officials if there is any concern about the air quality.

It was a great trip and I can’t believe that I have never been there before!

6 Responses

  1. Looks like a tube in Hana Maui.

  2. have you been to kaumana caves in hilo town? longer and more of an adventure than the non maintained portion of thurston’s lava tube. in kaumana caves you do have to get down and crawl through some of the areas :)

    • Yes, it’s above my mom’s house… Haven’t gotten a chance to explore the whole thing though.

      • we have been all the way to the end a few times. maybe we should have a get together there :) …

        • Sounds good!

          I think we should start taking the Big Island Internet Society on more adventurous things instead of just meeting at the same location each time.

          There are lots of free beautiful things to see on this island.

          W/ a few bucks pitched in here or there or a sponsorship here or there… maybe we can do even more exciting things.

      • The only way I am going down the Kaumana Caves is with a couple of strong chaparones and extra batteries for my flashlight! Love, Mom

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