Honolulu Civil Beat Starts Up… Wishing the Best to the New Online Start Up… Honolulu Civil Beat

I personally want to wish the success of the new online paper “media” being started today by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Everyone check out Honolulu Civil Beat and let’s give this a chance to survive before we beat it to death.  I think many of us that were online when eBay came out… laughed at the concept.

I will say that as of this posting… on my non scientific poll that I ran… only 3 people out of 58 said that they would pay $240.00 per year for a site like this.

Anyone feel like sponsoring a “blogger”  a subscription to this thing so that I can post snippets to the public?

Just teasing!

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  1. Actually, the sponsorship idea is not bad… If you tell us all about it, it would be like sharing cable TV! good luck

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