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Honolulu Civil Beat Starts Up… Wishing the Best to the New Online Start Up… Honolulu Civil Beat

I personally want to wish the success of the new online paper “media” being started today by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Everyone check out Honolulu Civil Beat and let’s give this a chance to survive before we beat it to death.  I think many of us that were online when eBay came out… laughed at the concept.

I will say that as of this posting… on my non scientific poll that I ran… only 3 people out of 58 said that they would pay $240.00 per year for a site like this.

Anyone feel like sponsoring a “blogger”  a subscription to this thing so that I can post snippets to the public?

Just teasing!

Spelunking Thurston Lava Tube

I’ve mentioned a few times that I got to explore Volcanoes National Park with a few media folks the other day.

Here are some pictures of us exploring Thurston Lava Tube.

Our guide Warren Costa leads the way.

Sherie Char, of Hawaii Magazine carefully steps into the cave.

We let our eyes adjust to the lighting before proceeding

Warren explains that these roots grow from the trees above and they are vital to the ecosystem of the cave as the cave insects feed off of them

Mr. Costa was kind enough to provide us each with flashlights

We stopped off at a few places along the cave and Warren explained how the cave was formed and what they were used for

There were all sorts of weird formations in the cave.

This was actually “Roof Collapse” which kind of got me to thinking what in the heck was I doing in there!

The cave is sealed off by park officials if there is any concern about the air quality.

It was a great trip and I can’t believe that I have never been there before!