Tesoro Evaluating the Future of Hawaii… Fuel Terminal?

Fuel Terminal???

Later this year Tesoro will conduct another turnaround at its 93,500 bpd Kapolei, Hawaii refinery, Wheeler said.  He did not give a date for that work.

Tesoro has been evaluating the future of the Hawaii plant as part of a general review of the company’s seven refineries, including the possibility of turning it into a fuels terminal. The Hawaii refinery lost money in 2009 and has continued to do so this year.Tesoro chairman and chief executive Bruce Smith told analysts on Friday regarding the Hawaii refinery that the company is, “closer to being able to potentially unlock some additional value there.”

“Hawaii’s still a focus for us. A lot of effort’s going into determining how to improve the profitability of that on a sustainable basis,” Smith said…

So I’m like thinking if we get these terminals… Prices of our local gas should drop immediately?

Anyone know anything about Fuel Terminals?

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  1. A fuel terminal facility is simply a location where refined fuel
    would stored.


    So, this would be a downgrade from having a refinery here
    since the refined fuel would have to be shipped in via tanker.

    I would doubt this possible change would reduce prices. It
    may cause prices to further spike.

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