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Honolulu Advertiser Begins Cuts… Editor Mark Platte Joins TV’s Hawaii News Now

I feel sorry for many of the great journalists that are losing their jobs.

I’d just like to say congratulations to former Editor Mark Platte for getting a new job at Hawaii News Now:

It’s official: I’m leaving The Advertiser to become news director of Hawaii News Now.  First day is May 10. about 2 hours ago via web:

Honolulu Advertiser Editor Mark Platte has been named news director for Hawaii News Now…

Councilwoman Naeole-Beason Asks for Support on Bill 250 (234)


BIL 250 Draft 01 2008-2010

Aloha Kakou,

Many decisions are being made fast and furious these days. The County Council postponed the vote on Bill 234, to delay implementation of the new building codes, until Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 1 p.m. In the interim, Councilman Hoffman has proposed an amendments bill for consideration.

We understand that significant progress has been made in amending Ordinance 09-48. While the initial response has been extremely favorable to Councilman Hoffman’s proposed amendments, its implementation date exceeds the May 11 effective date. Therefore, it is paramount that all who initially supported Bill 234 continue in their support to delay the effective date! Clearly, the process of review must happen, the process of county government must transpire, all of which would take longer than the required 2 weeks remaining for ordinance 09-48 to become law.

The only solution that would result in obtaining a well written, viable Energy Conservation Code is to take the proper time and utilize the available expertise to complete a thorough review and rewrite of the amendments. The only way to accomplish this is to delay the effective date of Ord. 09-48 as is the intent of Bill 234. Upon completion of a thorough review and the writing of a new Ordinance, bill 234 could be amended to fast track implementation sooner than the January 1, 2011 date.

A very sincere thanks to everyone for all of the support — it was through your support that we have made significant progress in amending this ordinance. Your continued support of Bill 234 on May 5th is imperative.

I am asking you to please make time to attend the next county council meeting on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 1 p.m. to encourage the council to support and pass Bill 234 to delay implementation of the new energy codes. Here are the locations:

Hilo:  Hawai’i County Building Hawai’i, 25 Aupuni Street

Kona:  Hawai’i County Council office Holomua Center, Kailua Trade Center 64-1067 Mamalahoa Highway

Waimea:  75-5706 Hanama Pl Suite 5  Suite 109

Lau lima,

Emily I. Naeole-Beason

Council Vice Chair

Councilmember 5th District

BIL 250 Draft 01 2008-2010

Warning… Sirens

This is pretty cool… well at least to me.

This guy (reception73) on Oahu is putting a lot of the warning sirens on youtube.

Here is a few samples that he has posted over the years.




Tesoro Evaluating the Future of Hawaii… Fuel Terminal?

Fuel Terminal???

Later this year Tesoro will conduct another turnaround at its 93,500 bpd Kapolei, Hawaii refinery, Wheeler said.  He did not give a date for that work.

Tesoro has been evaluating the future of the Hawaii plant as part of a general review of the company’s seven refineries, including the possibility of turning it into a fuels terminal. The Hawaii refinery lost money in 2009 and has continued to do so this year.Tesoro chairman and chief executive Bruce Smith told analysts on Friday regarding the Hawaii refinery that the company is, “closer to being able to potentially unlock some additional value there.”

“Hawaii’s still a focus for us. A lot of effort’s going into determining how to improve the profitability of that on a sustainable basis,” Smith said…

So I’m like thinking if we get these terminals… Prices of our local gas should drop immediately?

Anyone know anything about Fuel Terminals?