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Hawaii Legislators Vote Yes to Historic Civil Unions Bill (HB444) – Interesting Tweets Leading Up to It

  1. that is #HB444 passed with 31 ayes and 20 noes. IT PASSES! about 1 hour ago
  2. A roll call vote is now being taken to pass #HB444. The votes are 31 ayes 17 noes. about 1 hour ago
  3. Rep Coffman reads from the Hawaii State Constitution that all should be treated equally. about 1 hour ago

  4. Rep Yamane is in opposition. about 1 hour ago via

  5. Rep Barbara Marumoto rises in support of #HB444

  6. Rep Bertram says he is for Civil Rights not for Civil Unions.! about 2 hours ago

  7. Rep Oshiro motions to pass #HB444 and Rep Karamatsu 2nds. about 2 hours ago

  8. Roll Call vote for accepting Senate amendments to #HB444 is 31 ayes 20 noes. IT passes. One more vote about 2 hours ago

  9. Rep Ching is in opposition of the Senate amendments to #HB444. about 2 hours ago

  10. Rep McKelvey agrees to Senate Amendments to #HB444

  11. RT @georgettedeemer: If motion to accept Senate amendments passes, a final reading vote still required. about 2 hours ago via 

  12. Rep. Ward rises in opposition to accept the Senate Amendments on #HB444 about 2 hours ago

  13. Rep Oshiro makes the motion and Rep Karamatsu 2nds. about 2 hours ago

  14. next motion is to agree on the Senate amendments to #HB444 about 2 hours ago

  15. Roll Call vote on reconsideration motion on #HB444 is 34 ayes and 17 noes. about 2 hours ago

  16. Finnigin believes in giving the people a straight answer. about 2 hours ago

  17. Finnigin annouces she will vote Yes on reconsideration of #HB444 about 2 hours ago

  18. RT @georgettedeemer: Now the motion is to reconsider action on indefinitely postponing HB444. about 2 hours ago

  19. RT @ddepledge: House votes 34 to 17 to bring back civil unions to the floor for consideration. about 2 hours ago

  20. Rep Ward rises in opposition of HB444 about 2 hours ago via 

  21. Motion to suspend the rules passed with 34 ayes! about 2 hours ago

  22. Blake Oshiro motions to take action on HB444 about 2 hours ago

  23. Roll call vote is being taking on the suspension of the rules. If this passes they move on to voting on HB444 about 2 hours ago

  24. it is a voice vote. about 2 hours ago

  25. not debate on suspension of rules. There will be a role call vote! about 2 hours ago

  26. Speaker Say is giving speech telling everyone to behave about 2 hours ago

  27. RT @GilKeithAgaran: House majority coming back to floor after caucus on HB444 reconsideration. about 2 hours ago

  28. Sorry we are still waiting on all the members to return from caucusing on #HB444 about 2 hours ago

  29. Caucus is coming back. Stand by and keep your fingers crossed! about 2 hours ago

  30. RT @EqualityHI: starbulletin Star Bulletin reports: House may take up #HB444 civil unions bill again today… http://bit.ly/9mZZou about 2 hours ago

  31. RT @rachelorange: it’s time like these that twitter is actually useful. waiting in anticipation of the potential passage of #HB444 about 3 hours ago

  32. Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. #HB444 about

  33. The anticipation of what might happen next and will history be made today in Hawaii on the passage of HB444 and equality for all. about 3 hours ago

  34. RT @LoomisISChawaii: After a long #HB444 seems to have electrified the gallery, anticipation for civil unions and @equalityhi! about 3 hours ago

  35. RT @ddepledge: The civil unions bill passed the Senate in Jan. If passed by the House today, it would go to the gov for her consideration. about 3 hours ago

  36. RT @ddepledge: The civil unions bill would give both same-sex and heterosexual couples the same rights as marriage under state law. about 3 hours ago

  37. RT @tracyhylokubo: 2day could be slightly redeemed if the House passes HB 444Relating to Civil Unions. A small victory on a day of sadness. about 3 hours ago

  38. RT @rachelorange: I am hoping our Representatives have the courage to vote on and pass HB444. Pretty please…. :) about 3 hours ago

  39. Fear should not win over equality! Legislators, do the right thing and pass civil unions. See the video here: http://bit.ly/9ahmnA about 3 hours ago

  40. RT @theHI: 11 members would need to vote to force a roll-call vote on the motion. about 3 hours ago

  41. RT @theHI: A majority — 26 of 51 House members — would have to agree to the motion in order to bring civil unions back to the floor. about 3 hours ago

  42. The House Majority is caucusing. Will they vote to suspend the rules to bring back HB444.? #civilunions #HB444 about 3 hours ago

  43. Maj. Leader Blake Oshiro motion to suspend rules to bring back HB444. JUD Chair Karamatsu 2nd the motion. about 3 hours ago

  44. RT @ddepledge: House Majority Leader BOshiro makes motion to bring back civil unions bill. House Democrats go into caucus.

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