Mahalo James Weatherford, Candidate Hawaii County Council – District 5

I received my first ever political campaign check for an “AD on my blog” from James Weatherford a candidate for County Council 5 a few days ago and I just wanted to thank Dr. Weatherford for supporting my blog.

As I told him in a recent receipt:

…Please understand that placing an ad on my site will not prevent me from blogging anything and everything that I so choose to blog about…. whether it has to do with you now… or in the future if elected.

(Sorry Dr. W… This is the only way I know how to really be legit about taking money from ANY CANDIDATE)…

If any other political candidates would like to place an ad on my blog… I will only call it an “Ad”.   I will not call it a “Sponsorship” as some of the sponsors I have on my blog are just that… sponsors of my blog.

The rate is $30.00 per month for the same size as Dr. Weatherford’s ad.

I’d like to thank James for supporting my blog.

If any other candidates wish to place an ad on my blog… feel free to contact me at damontucker @

1% or 2% Charter Amendment for the Land Fund – Council Recommendations


More 2% News:

The Charter Commission has submitted their charter amendments to the council for comments (as required by the Hawaii County Charter). The council’s comments are due to the charter commission by mid-May. The following resolutions are recommendations to the CHARTER COMMISSION about what will be placed on the ballot.  The following THREE Resolutions recommending changes in the 1% Land Fund Charter amendment will be heard on Wednesday, May 5th at 9:45 at the Sheraton Keauhou.

We recommend that you support Resolution #335.  We have been working with Dominic Yagong and his staff to bring forward this resolution.

TWO things to REMEMBER:

  1. You will see charter amendments on the ballot in November.
  2. The 1% amount as part of  the charter guarantees that at least 1% be placed in the fund each year. The open space ordinance in the code still exists at 2% and is set to resume July 1, 2011.

Council member Yagong’s Resolution #335 recommends:

  1. 2% of property taxes are deposited in the fund at least twice per year (2% is what 63% of the public voted for in 2006 and approx. $4 million per year- this would reinstate the 2% amount)
  2. The Land fund is an interest bearing account ($400,000+ in interest has been earned over the last 4 years).
  3. The fund shall be used for acquisition and NOT for maintenance (This is a Parks and Recreation function, they have a $23 million per year budget- the mayor and council can appropriate funds for maintenance)
  4. To protect the lands purchased by taxpayer’s money, we must have a clause to protect these lands from being resold.  This clause shall run with the land and be recorded as part of the Deed on all past and future purchases: “This property was purchased with monies from the Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Preservation Fund. It shall be held in perpetuity for the use and enjoyment of the people of Hawai’i County. This land may not be sold, mortgaged, traded or transferred in any way.”   (This is necessary because we have seen that the State sells off conservation land in the regular course of business.  Who’s to say that the county won’t start selling land to balance their budget?  A good case in point is the sale of the Hamakua Sugar lands.)

Council member Enriques’ Resolution #336 recommends:

  1. Land fund deposits shall be at 1% per year (which is only approximately $2 million per year)
  2. Monies in this fund shall be used solely to:  (c), – ” Maintain and manage lands purchased by this fund. Ten percent of the annual fund deposits shall be designated for such maintenance and management of the lands purchased by this fund.” My comment (Hecht): The great gift of the fund is to attract matching funds. The matching funds are for acquisition only. We may not be able to attract matching funds, with this clause in the charter. ALSO all of the Land Fund money will be used for maintenance- which is like adding the money back to the general fund. )

Council member Ford’s Resolution #337 recommends:

Much the same as council member Yagong’s resolution, and recommends to reinstates he 2% amount BUT does not include Yagong’s  #4 because it would conflict with Ms. Ford’s

(g) which states: “Other funds for purposes other than public access, opens space or natural resources preservation may be used on a prorated basis to purchase a portion of a proposed public access, open space and natural resources preservation fund acquisition. Other funds shall consist of County operational or capital improvement project funds, grants or proceeds form the sale of bonds from any other sources of revenue or funding. The prorated portion of the land purchased with other funds may then be used only for County public health, safety and welfare purposes.”



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Debbie Hecht

Campaign Coordinator, Save our Lands Citizen’s Committee

Hawaii Legislators Vote Yes to Historic Civil Unions Bill (HB444) – Interesting Tweets Leading Up to It

  1. that is #HB444 passed with 31 ayes and 20 noes. IT PASSES! about 1 hour ago
  2. A roll call vote is now being taken to pass #HB444. The votes are 31 ayes 17 noes. about 1 hour ago
  3. Rep Coffman reads from the Hawaii State Constitution that all should be treated equally. about 1 hour ago

  4. Rep Yamane is in opposition. about 1 hour ago via

  5. Rep Barbara Marumoto rises in support of #HB444

  6. Rep Bertram says he is for Civil Rights not for Civil Unions.! about 2 hours ago

  7. Rep Oshiro motions to pass #HB444 and Rep Karamatsu 2nds. about 2 hours ago

  8. Roll Call vote for accepting Senate amendments to #HB444 is 31 ayes 20 noes. IT passes. One more vote about 2 hours ago

  9. Rep Ching is in opposition of the Senate amendments to #HB444. about 2 hours ago

  10. Rep McKelvey agrees to Senate Amendments to #HB444

  11. RT @georgettedeemer: If motion to accept Senate amendments passes, a final reading vote still required. about 2 hours ago via 

  12. Rep. Ward rises in opposition to accept the Senate Amendments on #HB444 about 2 hours ago

  13. Rep Oshiro makes the motion and Rep Karamatsu 2nds. about 2 hours ago

  14. next motion is to agree on the Senate amendments to #HB444 about 2 hours ago

  15. Roll Call vote on reconsideration motion on #HB444 is 34 ayes and 17 noes. about 2 hours ago

  16. Finnigin believes in giving the people a straight answer. about 2 hours ago

  17. Finnigin annouces she will vote Yes on reconsideration of #HB444 about 2 hours ago

  18. RT @georgettedeemer: Now the motion is to reconsider action on indefinitely postponing HB444. about 2 hours ago

  19. RT @ddepledge: House votes 34 to 17 to bring back civil unions to the floor for consideration. about 2 hours ago

  20. Rep Ward rises in opposition of HB444 about 2 hours ago via 

  21. Motion to suspend the rules passed with 34 ayes! about 2 hours ago

  22. Blake Oshiro motions to take action on HB444 about 2 hours ago

  23. Roll call vote is being taking on the suspension of the rules. If this passes they move on to voting on HB444 about 2 hours ago

  24. it is a voice vote. about 2 hours ago

  25. not debate on suspension of rules. There will be a role call vote! about 2 hours ago

  26. Speaker Say is giving speech telling everyone to behave about 2 hours ago

  27. RT @GilKeithAgaran: House majority coming back to floor after caucus on HB444 reconsideration. about 2 hours ago

  28. Sorry we are still waiting on all the members to return from caucusing on #HB444 about 2 hours ago

  29. Caucus is coming back. Stand by and keep your fingers crossed! about 2 hours ago

  30. RT @EqualityHI: starbulletin Star Bulletin reports: House may take up #HB444 civil unions bill again today… about 2 hours ago

  31. RT @rachelorange: it’s time like these that twitter is actually useful. waiting in anticipation of the potential passage of #HB444 about 3 hours ago

  32. Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. #HB444 about

  33. The anticipation of what might happen next and will history be made today in Hawaii on the passage of HB444 and equality for all. about 3 hours ago

  34. RT @LoomisISChawaii: After a long #HB444 seems to have electrified the gallery, anticipation for civil unions and @equalityhi! about 3 hours ago

  35. RT @ddepledge: The civil unions bill passed the Senate in Jan. If passed by the House today, it would go to the gov for her consideration. about 3 hours ago

  36. RT @ddepledge: The civil unions bill would give both same-sex and heterosexual couples the same rights as marriage under state law. about 3 hours ago

  37. RT @tracyhylokubo: 2day could be slightly redeemed if the House passes HB 444Relating to Civil Unions. A small victory on a day of sadness. about 3 hours ago

  38. RT @rachelorange: I am hoping our Representatives have the courage to vote on and pass HB444. Pretty please…. :) about 3 hours ago

  39. Fear should not win over equality! Legislators, do the right thing and pass civil unions. See the video here: about 3 hours ago

  40. RT @theHI: 11 members would need to vote to force a roll-call vote on the motion. about 3 hours ago

  41. RT @theHI: A majority — 26 of 51 House members — would have to agree to the motion in order to bring civil unions back to the floor. about 3 hours ago

  42. The House Majority is caucusing. Will they vote to suspend the rules to bring back HB444.? #civilunions #HB444 about 3 hours ago

  43. Maj. Leader Blake Oshiro motion to suspend rules to bring back HB444. JUD Chair Karamatsu 2nd the motion. about 3 hours ago

  44. RT @ddepledge: House Majority Leader BOshiro makes motion to bring back civil unions bill. House Democrats go into caucus.

Stay on Top of Cop on Top

Media Release:

Don’t be surprised to see law enforcement taking to new heights when Special Olympics Hawai’i holds its ninth annual Cop on Top event. Starting April 29 – May 1, volunteer, off-duty police officers will mount 14-foot scaffolds at Safeway stores statewide, to raise funds for Special Olympics athletes. Officers will eat, sleep and collect donations from the top of scaffolds to raise donations and awareness for Special Olympics.

“Having an opportunity to represent our department in support of a great cause and sharing the experience with others makes me love the experience even more,” said Patricia Ann Doronila, Hawai’i Police Department officer and Special Olympics Hawai’i coach.

Last year’s event raised more than $210,000 for Hawai’i’s athletes and we hope to increase that number in 2010! Please be sure to stop by and show your support!

We are still looking for volunteers for this event to help create excitement and collect money on the ground, while our cops are on top! This is a fun event and children and families are welcome! All volunteers will receive a volunteer Cop on Top t-shirt! Please contact Cindy Ujimori at with the location and date/time you’d like to volunteer. Please include your t-shirt size and contact phone number.

Every swipe can help Special Olympics:

Sign up with eScrip and support Special Olympics Hawai’i each time you use your credit or debit card! When you shop at participating merchants between one percent to eight percent of your purchase will be donated to Special Olympics Hawai’i as well as your choice of a local area programs. Just click here to get started.

Please write in the group ID numbers for Special Olympics Hawai’i and any local area programs when selecting which organization to support. You may support up to three groups.

The codes for Special Olympics Hawaii include:
Special Olympics Hawaii: 141876984
Special Olympics Central/Honolulu: 141877019
Special Olympics Windward: 141877070
Special Olympics East Hawaii: 141877176
Special Olympics West Hawaii: 141877297
Special Olympics Maui: 141877223
Special Olympics Kauai: 141877330