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Hawaii: Kaimu Beach & Queens Bath 1986

Center for Study of Active Volcanoes:

Rare footage of the Big Island in 1986 & 1987: Kaimu Black Sand Beach & Queens Bath, BEFORE lava.

In 1986, Hurricane Estelle sent huge waves over roads along the Puna coastline. High-quality Beta tape was used to document the damage; in the process, footage of beloved Kaimu Beach was included. Then, in 1987, Kapaahu residents needed to evacuate as lava flows approached; again, events were recorded on Beta tapes, including Queens Bath.

The Beta tapes have been carefully edited to show only the beauty of this magnificent coastline, before lava flows covered the area. This video shows no burning houses, no roads getting covered, no ocean entry. There is only a single second of lava.

Everything was shot in 1987, except for the Hurricane Estelle footage of 1986, which runs from 00:23 to 01:14. Reference points: Kaimu Black Sand Beach begins at 00:00. Drainpipes surfing area is at 00:44. Harry K Brown Park is at 00:59. Queens Bath begins at 1:51.


3 Responses

  1. Mahalo nui loa, Damon, and to the folks who captured this for all of us. I swam often in Queen’s Bath, and before the November 1975 subsidence at Kaimu Beach.
    The pan from the water to the finger of flame at the end is radical.

  2. Fascinating to see what Kaimu Beach looked like 20 years ago. I’m bringing a coconut next time I visit. Thank you for posting the footage!!!

  3. OMG! sooooh beautiful… how i remember the good ole days and how much i miss Queens Bath!!! Mahalo for sharing..

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