Question… Would You Fork Out $240.00 a Year for Online News?

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar has had a soft launch with his new attempt at making news profitable online with the Honolulu Civil Beat and I myself am pretty disappointed that it isn’t going to feature neighbor island news at this time.

I sure won’t be paying $240.00 a year to basically be allowed to make comments on the site… However, what I could do… is simply take snippets of their news and allow any Joe Blow that wants… to make the comments on my site for free.

So I ask the question… would you be willing to pay $240.00 a year to billionaire Omidyar to run what at this point, just looks like a contributory news site run by folks that were hand selected by the billionaire?

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  1. Oh, and here’s the grammar police checking in:

    Poll response should say “you’re kidding.”

  2. are they kidding? that site is something new and innovative? as we once heard years ago “where’s the beef?” looks like a cut and paste blog/social media site / social news site where people generate content (saw that done back in 1997 in a small community) … maybe they are saving the beef for the actual launch but if this is it i am very disappointed.

  3. You may wish to think twice about that “repost it here” strategy:

    Pay particular attention to “Behavior” #10, and “Who owns what.”

    Basically, in order to do what you propose, you’d need to join CB, and when you reposted their content anywhere else you’d be subject to having your membership terminated. Good luck with that…

    Also, I have so far been unable to get a straight answer from Mr. Temple (on his blog) about what content is going to be “free” on the site:

    • So say my wife joins up… who has a separate last name then me… I sponge off her account to repost snippets here? How will they know who my wife is?

      Will there be a “Deep Throat” investigation onto which member may be leaking news?

      Will they ban paying folks from passing information on to me? How will they determine who is passing information on to me? :roll:

      • Of course, wherever there is copyrighted digital content, there will always be those who seek to obtain/distribute it without respect to the wishes of, or payment to, the copyright holder (p2p file sharing, much?).

        First, though, Civil Beat would need to demonstrate that it has content worth stealing. Heh.

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