How Rude…

So I get an email from one of my mom’s friends that lives in a completely different country stating this:

can you put this on your blog. See request below. Thanks.

And it prompts me to this:

Hello to Everyone ( and I apologise to some of you who have not spoken or heard from me since my father’s death)

My uni ( TULANE UNIVERSITY) is part of a charitable race to have enough votes to win 50K for more medical services for NEW ORLEANS.
This is sooooo simple to do and just takes a few minutes of your time.

Please can you vote and help Tulane ( or another ) get more services to New Orleans.

So I send her an email back stating that I only write about local things and the PR’s that I put on my blog are sponsored or local and I get this in return:

oh i see,

so ethnocentric and biased though. but that is hawaii.

very sad.

Some people!!! Sheesh!

Why do people feel entitlement to other peoples personal blogs?

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