The GET Tax Plan Circulating Around the Capitol

GET Tax Plan-2

…attached a plan that is circulating around the capitol that might interest you. I also hear that some people are thinking about calling for democratic legislators to reach super-majority agreement on revenue generating legislation to forestall Lingle from being allowed to make further large budget cuts that would result if the legislature approves the four revenue-generating bills (deferred in the senate on April 14). The senate does not have enough votes to override vetoes of the 4 bills backed by the house, but the house does not have enough votes to override a veto of the GET. In either case, the governor will have to fill the budget gap by making further cuts in amount of about $250M.

Some senators are proposing the attached GET tax plan that would offset its regressivity, ie people earning under $60,000 would have their taxes reduced, and that plan is attached…

GET Tax Plan-2

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  1. Hmm, they can’t even do a good job with what they have already taxed us with, and now they want MORE money from the People?

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