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Dear Mayor Kenoi and Mr. Bishop… Re: Lawsuit Against 9 County Officials

I sent off the following email to Mayor Kenoi and Hawaii County Public Information Officer Hunter Bishop tonight and I’ll be very interested in the response I get:

Dear Mayor Kenoi and Mr. Bishop,

It is my understanding that there has been a lawsuit filed against the Mayor and 8 others regarding a Marijuana related raid at a house in Fern Acres a few years ago.

It is my understanding (and I have seen the paperwork that was allegedly filed) that the lawsuit is for $4.5 million dollars.

Can you please confirm or deny that this lawsuit has been filed in the interest of public knowledge?


Damon Tucker

5 Responses

  1. So who is the Councilmember not mentioned in the suit?

  2. Fine, lone ranger. I was just trying to help. You can also look up here if you have the court case # number


    • “…I was just trying to help…”

      Effing Aaron… for the last week you have been ripping my blog saying I’m posting libelous comments… and now you say you want to help?

      Go crawl under a rock for a day or two… with Leningrad!

  3. There is supposed to be a court case ID # (3CC-xxx-xxx) on any court filings. I could look up the case if you have that information.

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