Dear Mayor Kenoi and Mr. Bishop… Re: Lawsuit Against 9 County Officials

I sent off the following email to Mayor Kenoi and Hawaii County Public Information Officer Hunter Bishop tonight and I’ll be very interested in the response I get:

Dear Mayor Kenoi and Mr. Bishop,

It is my understanding that there has been a lawsuit filed against the Mayor and 8 others regarding a Marijuana related raid at a house in Fern Acres a few years ago.

It is my understanding (and I have seen the paperwork that was allegedly filed) that the lawsuit is for $4.5 million dollars.

Can you please confirm or deny that this lawsuit has been filed in the interest of public knowledge?


Damon Tucker

Citizens for Equal Rights is Producing a Photo Booklet of Civil Union/HB444 Supporters

Media Release:

Citizens for Equal Rights is producing a photo booklet of equal rights and civil union/HB444 supporters. The booklet will be distributed to House members to show mainstream community support for civil unions. See the message on the right, or go to

HB444 supporters, please send in your photo today to:

Aloha! As you know, advocates for civil unions have not given up on passing H.B. 444 this session. But it does seem like a long-shot, unless we can show main­stream community support for HB444.

Here’s the situation. In January the senate passed HB444 back to the House, where its final vote was postponed indefinitely. Among the 33 civil union supporters in the House last session, several were against voting on the bill because they saw no point in passing HB444 if it might be vetoed. However, if 26 house members wanted a vote on HB444 before the end of the session (April 29), it could happen. Information on HB444 and the rights/benefits it provides are online at www.equali­

No one knows whether the governor will exercise a veto, but the absence of any hint of veto has led many to believe the governor will allow the bill to become law without her approval. A majority of the 51-member house is 26 and a veto override requires 34 votes.

This month, we have a chance of fulfilling Hawaii’s legacy of equal rights and oppor­tunity for all. But to seek a vote on HB444, house members need to feel confident of community support for this bill. They want to know that community leaders, like you, will support their HB444 vote at this year’s elections.

So here’s our plan. We have formed a new group called Citizens For Equal Rights. CFER is planning to produce a booklet with photos of community members who support HB444. The booklet will be distributed to House members — grouped by community sector with 15-20 photos per page, for example: business, labor, civic, law, religion, education, health care, construction, real estate, sports, and other categories.

Would you be willing to appear in this booklet? Accepting this invitation would mean that you will go public with your support of civil unions in Hawai’i and the end of discrimination against gay and lesbian couples. To bolster community sup­port for HB444, CFER is also planning to run some newspaper ads and we’ll seek prior approval of any photos used in ads.

If you accept this invitation, could you email your photo and occupation (and title, if applicable) to We would also appreciate your asking friends and associates if they would be willing to go public with their support of equal rights and civil unions.

Whatever you can do would be most appreciated. Thank you.


Citizens for Equal Rights

Hawaii: Extinction Capital Of The World?

Simon Reeve finishes his journey around the Tropic of Cancer in Hawaii, where he discovers that the paradise islands are the extinction capital of the world, with more species dying-out than anywhere else on the planet. Several of Hawaii’s beaches are also covered in plastic rubbish washed-up from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (a vast accumulation of the world’s plastic debris floating in the Pacific Ocean). Hawaii is the world’s most isolated island-chain, and the only tropical region of the richest country on earth. But there are enormous quantities of plastic debris on many beaches, and the plastic is breaking-down into smaller and smaller fragments the size of sand granules, making it impossible to remove. As Simon finishes his journey he wonders: if the US government can’t protect the environment in Hawaii, what hope is there for poorer countries throughout the Tropics?


Hawai’i Nui Brewing’s Hapa Brown Ale Wins Silver Medal in World Beer Cup

Sponsors Note:

Hawai’i Nui Brewing recently claimed a silver medal in the Brewers Association (BA) World Beer Cup® 2010, a global beer competition that evaluates beers from around the world and recognizes the most outstanding beers being produced in the world today.

Award winning Hawai'i Nui Brewing Hapa Brown Ale -- bold, rich and inviting!

Gold, silver and bronze medals in the competition’s 90 beer-style categories were awarded April 10, 2010, during the World Beer Cup Gala Awards Dinner in Chicago.

Hawai’i Nui Brewing was awarded a silver medal in the “American-Style Brown Ale” beer style category for its Hapa Brown Ale.

Hapa is an American Brown Ale, which originated in the British style of blending different beers to create a single unique brew. It is dark mahogany-colored, bold, and has a rich malty backbone with balanced hop bitterness. Hawai’i Nui Brewing Hapa Brown Ale was one of 40 entries in the American-Style Brown Ale category.

The silver medal is testament to Hawai’i Nui Brewing’s commitment to brewing and bottling the finest hand-crafted ales and lagers in Hawai’i. Our staff is made up of beer enthusiasts who banded together to create an exquisite brown ale that complements the tropical lifestyle in Hawai’i.

World Beer Cup 2010 winners were selected by an international panel of 179 beer judges from 27 countries. An impressive field of 3,401 entries from 642 breweries in 44 countries made up the competition. More than 3,800 breweries in 100 countries were invited to compete.

The World Beer Cup has been held every other year since 1996 and is presented by the Brewers Association. Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, the Brewers Association (BA) is the not-for-profit trade and education association dedicated to small and independent American brewers, their craft beers and the community of brewing enthusiasts. The Brewers Association has an additional membership division of 20,000+ homebrewers: American Homebrewers Association. Consumers are invited to learn more about the dynamic world of craft beer at Visit for additional World Beer Cup information.

Hawai'i Nui Brewing's winning team: production manager Chris Heit, president Keith Kinsey, brewers John Walsh and Kaiao Archer

Congratulations to our team on a job well done. Mahalo to Brewers John Walsh and Kaiao Archer and to production manager Chris Heit.