Former Councilman Bob Jacobson Expands on His Comment About Former Councilman Leningrad Elarionoff

The following email was sent to me in response to a question I asked on clarification regarding this comment that former County Councilman Bob Jacobson made on my blog.

I am reprinting his email here with his permission:

Aloha Damon,
Several things.  If something is true, or if a public person is being
characterized,  libel laws are not applicable.

When I first heard of Hawai`i County Council (HCC) Member Elarionoff’s
actions, they were described to me by the female victim of his
actions. The next I heard of the Council Member’s actions were in open
Council as explained by Mr. Elarionoff himself. Both of them told a
very similar tale.  Where they differed was in what they felt
constitutes what is right and what is wrong.  Running a set of plates,
calling the corporate owner of a car and calling an innocent citizen
at home for giving a sign-waving politician the thumbs down, were the
common points of agreement in the story. The victim thought it was an
abuse of power and the Council Member thought he was justified in
using police powers to express his disfavor to a citizen.  My own
concerns were the use of the NCIC information system for blatantly
political ends and the exposure of the County in terms of liability

In glancing at one of the concerns of one of your readers reports that
retired Council Member Elarionoff does not deny my statements.  He
reportedly says that the Ethics Commission cleared him.  During his
prior term on the HCC Council Member Elarionoff made several
statements on the record about his ability to investigate my wife (a
special-ed teacher) while they were both serving as elected officials
on the Hawai`i County Council.  These were chilling statements to
those who believe we should not live in a police state.

Retired Council Member Elarionoff is only a minor symptom of a much
bigger problem.  He and many believe he was doing the right thing
using powers that he is entitled to when he accessed his information
source.  This is what I was describing in my original posting.

I regret that I have seemed to have troubled one of your readers.

a hui hou


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  1. I can’t believe you had the gall to publicly post this e-mail from Mr. Jacobson. You just increased your libel liability even more. Especially if Mr. Elarionoff can produce the ethics commission documents that cleared him.

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