Should Bloggers Get Involved in Past Political Beefs?

Looks like we may have something interesting between a couple former Hawaii County Council members here on this island that hasn’t quite yet been settled in the “PUBLIC EYE” so to speak.

They both know who they are… it will be interesting to see who comes forth with the most accurate and more important to me… validated information.

Can you hear me now?

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  1. I don’t know where you got your information, but its inaccurate.However, I will admit we’ve crossed paths over numerous issues over the years (especially when he was councilman).

  2. Well the same could be said for Bob Jacobson. He has not bothered to contact me to refute what Mr. Elarionoff told me. I’ve only heard bits and pieces what you’ve told me he wrote you. Thus, I believe Mr. Elarionoff over Mr. Jacobson at this point unless something miraculous happens.

    • “…He has not bothered to contact me…”

      1. Have you tried to contact Mr. Jacobson? I Have tried to contact Leningrad and he appears to be avoiding contact with me.

      2. I will forward your email to Mr. Jacobson…

      3. If he replies to you… will you print it on your blog?


      • No, I’m not going to re-post what Bob Jacobson potentially sends me. I don’t want to do the same mistake you did originally by approving that libelous comment.

        I don’t know how to contact Bob Jacobson

        You meekly tried to contact Leningrad through me- absolutely weak. In addition, he doesn’t want to respond to you. However, he is going to try to get the documentation proving that comment is FALSE.

        • “…However, he is going to try to get the documentation proving that comment is FALSE….”

          Just because an ethics board may have cleared him of something… it doesn’t mean the events didn’t happen.
          What happens if he can’t provide this documentation?

          • I won’t worry about him being unable to get the copy until that happens.

            I wouldn’t want to talk to you either if I was in his shoes.Especially since you’ll continue to question if it happened even though a commission cleared him.

            • Aaron I did notice that you have nearly a 6-7 year online presence in supporting Leningrad and I see you are still doing it to this date.

              You must know that I have never met either of these folks.

              You seem to have a vested interest in this… care to disclose that?

  3. When I read that comment made by former councilman Bob Jacobson against former councilman Elarionoff it didn’t right. I even made the effort to call up Mr. Elarionoff to inform him of this comment. He explained to me at length that this allegation is false and there is county records that back this up.

    • Sounds to me like Leningrad Elarionoff is running scared of this whole situation, as he could now be outed publicly for what he did do.

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