Should Bloggers Get Involved in Past Political Beefs?

Looks like we may have something interesting between a couple former Hawaii County Council members here on this island that hasn’t quite yet been settled in the “PUBLIC EYE” so to speak.

They both know who they are… it will be interesting to see who comes forth with the most accurate and more important to me… validated information.

Can you hear me now?

This Trucks Got Balls!

Sig Zane on the Significance of “Noho Ana I Hilo”

Media Release:

The words of Noho Ana I Hilo speak of the special attributes of place, the ali`i that once ruled the lands, and the unique names of sites familiar to residents of Hilo. It provokes one’s senses to react, like the smell of the maile at Pana`ewa and the chirping of the birds at Haili.

Honoring the people of our home, we issue these handwritten words today, along with three lehua blossoms. The lehua represent the passing of Uncle George Na`ope, Auntie Dottie Thompson and Kumu Rae Fonseca and the the words share our respect, love and remembrance. A simple gesture of fond aloha as they have given us much in experiences, teachings and creativity. Only a hundred t-shirts have been printed and will be available at our Hilo shop as well as on

All profits are being given to the `ohana of both Auntie Dottie and Kumu Rae.

The last line, “… i ola e na kini e!” states, “May life be granted to all!” This is a wish that the legacy of those who have left us may continue.

Me ke aloha nui, Sig