TODAY: Depleted Uranium Teleconference

Media Release:

The NRC’s (Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s) Petition Review Board will hold a teleconference at 9 AM on Wednesday April 14 with several Hawai’i residents to address their concerns about DU (depleted uranium) and other possible radioactive hazards in Hawai’i. The residents are Jim Albertini, Cory Harden, Isaac Harp, Dr. Lorrin Pang, and Dr. Mike Reimer.

Pang, of Maui, is a former Army doctor and a consultant to the World Health Organization. Reimer, of Kona, holds a Ph.D. in geology.

Albertini of Kurtistown, Harden of Mountain View, and Harp of Waimea challenged the Army’s application for a license to possess DU in a separate proceeding in January 2010, but the NRC ruled they had no standing.

On Wednesday, the residents plan to question the Army’s assessment, cleanup plans, and monitoring for DU in Hawai’i, the legality of the Army possessing DU in Hawai’i for 40 years,  and the adequacy of surveys for any other forgotten military radioactive hazards in Hawai’i.

The public can listen to the teleconference by calling 1-800-772-3842 and using security code 2206.

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