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Branding Myself and the New Header?

So this past weekend at the Big Island Internet Society meet up that was held at Big Island Pizza, the topic that Larry Czerwonka talked about was how to brand yourself.

Members of the Big Island Internet society discuss among other things... the internet

The biggest thing that he mentioned… was using your own name to brand yourself.

Unlike companies which have to come up with a name, a logo and a catch phrase for their products, you were born with all that built in. From the moment you were born you have had your own unique brand and as we transition from the Industrial Age into the Information Age be very thankful for that uniqueness… http://bialoha.ning.com/profiles/blogs/branding-you

So with that, I thought about things and I decided to change my header from the Pahoa sign to something that I thought represented my blog in general.

Besides that Mike Hale started up another site called Pahoa Online that used a very similar picture to the one I took… so I didn’t want any confusion going on as his site becomes more popular.

So what do you think of my new blog header picture?

12 Responses

  1. That one’s cool!

  2. Like the photo fine but your name is lost, I’m half blind and all I can see is, “blog”. Doubt that helps your brand.

  3. I definitely agree that what you have currently is far too low-contrast. You’re being modest to a fault. And even as far as modesty goes, take a cue from newspapers: their name is always extremely prominent. Good and tasteful design doesn’t have to be shy.

  4. The text is too similar in color to parts of the photo & because of that it’s hard to see.

    • Actually… I did that for a reason as I don’t want my name to be the focus of my blog. I also tried to blend my name in w/ the previous header I had.

      Thanks for the input… I am going to be changing it again soon, but I’d like to hear more input and I’m flexible to change and open to criticism.

    • Argh!

  5. would prefer seeing one of the following: the ocean, lava, a stream or waterfall … speaks more to the beauty of the island

    • I had one of the Lava crossing the road down at Kaimu/Kalapana, however after Hunter Bishop with the Hawaii County Blog chose something similar… I switched to the previous picture.

      I am open to suggestions… and your certainly one to be listened to.

    • So is this better?

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