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Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney Lincoln Ashida “The Commission (Police) cannot legally mete out discipline against police officers.”

So here is part of Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney Lincoln Ashida’s response to a recent newspaper article.

“…The duties and roles of “police commissioners” differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  In some mainland jurisdictions, police commissioners are paid, full time employees (in some places elected) who are vested with the authority to discipline police officers.  This is not the function of commissioners in Hawai‘i, and certainly not a responsibility the Commission could assume by simply changing its rules.

The Commission cannot legally mete out discipline against police officers. This is true for all four commissions statewide in all four counties. The legal reason for this is under our laws, only the employer may discipline public sector employees.  This is why the Commission’s responsibility is to investigate charges of misconduct, and then refer the case to the Chief (the employer) to conduct an internal investigation and mete out appropriate discipline…”

I’m not quite sure I understand this. What happens if the Chief happens to be in co-hoots with his officers?

But then Mr. Ashida goes on to say:

…If you have any concerns about our police department, ask your commissioner.  You will find like you their primary concern is helping build a stronger community…

Well someone correct me if I’m wrong… but we here in Puna haven’t had a commissioner for at least a year and a half that I can think of.

President of Stephens Media Gets Blasted

Sherman Frederick is the president of Stephens Media, which of course owns all three Big Island papers here on this island.

Many of us who know about newspapers and the way they operate, know that they are highly influenced from top to bottom in what actually gets printed in them.

Look at some of the stuff that this guy is coming up with:

Frederick falsely claims all domestic terrorist attacks since 9-11 took place “on Obama’s watch.”

Frederick says he has “zero confidence” in the “science” of global warming.

Frederick falsely suggests health care bills will treat “illegal aliens” better than U.S. citizens.

Frederick: Obama’s legacy will depend “on how badly he wounds the American economy and how quickly Sarah Palin can fix it.”

Frederick: “Sarah Palin for President!”


I wonder how much our own local media is influenced directly by this guy?