The Kona Blog Has Been “On the Payroll”! HawaiianTelcom… I Want Free Internet Service Too!

Well after three years of talking about HawaiiTelcom crap… the KonaBlog has decided to come clean *edit* (looks like he deleted this as I was posting this)

…. I decided to reveal this because  this person may use it against me to destroy my credibility.

I’m sorry dude… but this is a very sad report after three years of misleading us by us not even knowing you were on the take.

What’s even sadder… is you reporting crap like this:

Damon Tucker Used Poor Judgement When He Approved A Libelous Comment About A Former Hawaii County Councilman

And then you friggin use the comment that I simply approved… cut and paste and put that on your blog?

Wassup with that Bullshit?

Saying a comment I approve on my blog is libelous and then you reposting it to your site.

Aaron… Grow up already.


Oh… It looks like you deleted the post already … so I’ll repost it here:

I need to come clean about a possible conflict of interest on my part. Hawaiian Telcom has provided me DSL service gratis for the past three years. I’ve beta tested their various speed tiers during this time. I decided to reveal this because  this person may use it against me to destroy my credibility.

I’ve been critical, not supportive, of Hawaiian Telcom over the years. So I didn’t think there was a need to reveal this until now. I hope this revelation doesn’t cause my readers to think any less of me…

Just another reason why I always say when I blog about things… who it’s sponsored by w/in the post.  Three years… dang dude… I’ve been duped.

Also, please note the DISCLOSURE NOTICE I have had on my blog for over a year now.

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  1. I looked at your DISCLOSURE Statement. There is NO MENTION of what services you are getting for free and blogging about them.

    • I don’t need to disclose anything when I say things like this in the post:

      “…I was lucky enough to be invited by the Big Island Visitors Bureau to go on a helicopter ride…”

      “…A week ago, I got a message from someone with the US Pacific Command inviting my wife and baby to come along board the Navy Destroyer USS Chung-Hoon,…”

      “…I knew that it would probably be busy in there being the Friday before Merrie Monarch, but I was relatively relieved that it wasn’t overwhelmingly packed.

      I’ve mentioned long before they became a sponsor of this blog about how much I dig their clothes….”

      My disclosures are contained w/in each blog post when I get things or sponsored by them and I’m certainly not getting paid to go on these trips!

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