From Canada to Hawaii by Pedal Powered Boat

A record-breaking aficionado is in Ucluelet and he’s getting ready with his boat WiTHiN to start trials for this week–weather permitting.

Greg Kolodziejzyk, WiTHiN skipper, is planning a 4,500-kilometre trip on his human powered, custom-designed boat from Ucluelet to Hawaii on July 1, which will take him about 50 to 90 days to reach.

Right now he’s getting ready to travel west into the Pacific in his offshore trials.

“I’m trying to make it as real as possible,” Kolodziejzyk told the Westerly about piloting the boat alone this time and going offshore.

The boat is powered by pedaling, much like that of a bicycle, and he expects to pedal 14 hours a day when he’s going to Hawaii…

More Here: Human-Powered boat…

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