Census Worker Shot At… Another Arrested???

Well the question has been put out there via Punaweb and in the interest of fair government and accountability I think I can respond in the following way to the question that was posted (my response below):

Well I’ve stewed on this for two weeks and can’t stand it any longer.

In talking with a friend who was a census enumerator, I was told of at least two events that should have been reported. Another worker confirmed his story. They both told me they were ordered not to talk about it. That’s why I’ve waited for it to come out elsewhere.

A census taker in lower Puna was shot at. They were initially instructed to ignore posted “No Trespass” signs and go unto private property. In the same area, a census worker who was following these instruction was actually arrested for trespassing. To make matters worse, the census bureau left this person in jail and didn’t help them get out.

My question is why is this being witheld from us? It seems a shooting and arrest involving government workers would be public knowledge.

I can’t comment too much on the allegations.

I will say that an Enumerator did report being shot at and the matter has been turned over to the Local Census Office via an Info-Com that was filled out after the incident.

I will also say that an Enumerator was arrested for Simple Trespassing and anything that needs to be found out about the case can be viewed as it is public record.

To the allegation that the Census Bureau “…left this person in jail…” is nonsense.

I myself talked to the enumerator while in custody and after talking to him, called up Waianae and did my best to deal with the situation. I then found out that he had himself bailed out on the $25.00 bail and was let go after agreeing to the court things.

I myself personally went down to the police department in Hilo to try and obtain records of the incident but was told that it needed to be on official Census Stationary… at which point I left it up to my supervisors.

This is all I’m gonna say.

1935 Honolulu – The Paradise of the Pacific

I love finding clips like these that show what life was like back in Hawaii before it was even a state.  This clip is almost as good as this one that I posted a while back.


Wordless Wednesday – My New Toy

The Nikon Coolpix L110 came out last month and I’ve been drooling to get one… so today I finally did.

Now I can finally start taking some decent pictures for Wordless Wednesdays!

Councilwoman Naeole-Beason on the International Energy Conservation Code

Commentary by Councilwoman Naeole-Beason:

Aloha mai,

The County of Hawai‘i has adopted the 2006 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code, with local amendments.  This adoption was done via Ordinance 09-48, Bill No. 385 (Draft 2) and currently has an effective date of May 11, 2010.  There are serious concerns about the necessity of this code for the County of Hawai‘i and the County’s preparedness to properly enforce this code.

As a result, I, Councilmember Emily Naeole-Beason have introduced Bill 234 delaying the effective date until January 11, 2011 in order to provide reasonable time to evaluate the new Energy Conservation Code as to its contents and if it is appropriate for the County of Hawai‘i.

Typically the adoption of an energy conservation code is to minimize the use of heating and air conditioning for energy savings purposes and accomplishing this through construction and materials which will provide higher R values.  In theory, with the higher R values, the need for energy consuming heating and air conditioning will be drastically reduced or eliminated.

Unfortunately, the new code will require a minimum of R-13 wall and R-19 ceiling construction.  This will have a major impact in residential construction by eliminating single wall construction, large open screened windows and many other currently common construction practices that make Hawai‘i housing unique and island living friendly.  It will most likely have a severe economical impact on residential construction.

We are asking all architects in the County of Hawai‘i to support Bill 234 to delay the effective date so as to give time to do a thorough review of the new code as to its necessity, cost effectiveness, requirements, and impact on the residential life styles presently found here in Hawai‘i.

We ask that you please make comment as to your thoughts the new Energy Conservation Code, either by written format or by a personal appearance at the Council meeting.  All comments will be much appreciated and will provide the necessary information needed by all Council members to approve the delaying of the Codes effective date.

If the Bill 234 passes and we obtain a delay, then we must organize a committee to do a thorough review of the proposed code to make sure it is what the County wants and needs and accomplishes the goal in a cost effective and efficient way.  It is very important that local architects and mechanical engineers that will be continuously dealing with the new requirements participate in the review process and we ask for your assistance.

Listed below are all the Council member’s email addresses and phone numbers so you can provide your comments, I have also included the email address for council testimony if you are unable to come in person.

Lau lima,

Emily Naeole-Beason

Council Vice Chair

Councilmember 5th District