2010 Hawaii Census Rate Participation Down So Far

Despite what may be read in the newspapers or heard on TV, the Hawaii Census Participation rates are down incredibly from the year 2000.

You can view the actual State by State results here:  Census 2010 Participation Rates.

As of 12:00 today, this is where Hawaii is actually standing in the participation of the 2010 Census.  As you can see, it’s down considerably from this same point in time as the 2000 Census:

GEO ID ||Place Name ||Type ||2000 % ||2010 %
15007 ||Kauai County, HI ||County ||0.56 ||0.41
15009 ||Maui County, HI ||County ||0.55 ||0.37
15001 ||Hawaii County, HI ||County ||0.59 ||0.41
15003 ||Honolulu County, HI ||County ||0.66 ||0.51

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