Hawaii Police Complaints Heard

Here are the most recent batch of Hawaii Police Complaints (HPC) that were discussed at the County of Hawaii Police Commission meeting on March 12th:

  • HPC 09-56: Complainant was involved in a traffic stop. She alleged that the officer was rude and threatening.
  • HPC 10-01: Complainant alleged that he was arrested for cannabis even though he pointed out the lowest law enforcement of cannabis ordinance. He also alleged that the officer refused to give him a ride back home.
  • HPC 10-02: Complainant alleged that an officer yelled and used profanity towards her.
  • HPC 10-04: Complainant alleged that an officer called him to inform him of a TRO hearing that morning in Kona and laughed about the situation.
  • HPC 10-06: Complainant alleged that officers yelled at him and harassed him by issuing him a citation for parking outside of a parking stall.
  • HPC 10-07: Complainant alleged that an officer used an electronic control device on him, although he was attempting to cooperate and was not resisting.
  • HPC 10-08: Complainant alleged assaults, threats, and fabrication of reports by unidentified officers.
  • HPC 10-09: Complainant alleged that the officer who arrested him for DUI did not have probable cause to suspect intoxication and that the officer illegally reached into his vehicle to open the door.

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