“Armstronged” at Jack in the Box by a Tribune Reporter

So I went to Jack in the Box today to have what I thought would be a short bite to eat on my lunch break today and as I was eating, some guy walks up to me and says “Are you Damon Tucker… I read your blog… I’m Jason Armstrong“.

At first I didn’t think anything of it as people often ask me about my blog and tell me they read it but then the name clicked… it was Jason Armstrong from the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

I felt a bit honored that he recognized me as I had never met him before and certainly never seen a picture of him before.  I do remember that he interviewed me last year on the phone for the Hawaii Tribune Article when Noelani Whittington of the Department of Public Works tried to blackball bloggers.

Any rate, Jason and I had a pretty friendly conversation however, he started right off the bat telling me that he would take my “Bet” that I had made about the Hawaii Tribune being in business for a long time.

I told him 8 years… and he went off on this long list as to why he thinks the Tribune will be around for much longer then what I predict.

I don’t blame him for wanting to stick up for his livelihood.  It is sad that the Star-Bulletin may not survive…

Mr. Armstrong, thanks for introducing yourself to me… but I still say the Hawaii Tribune is dead in 8 years.

You game?  I’ll put a $100.00 on this bet right here and now.

Big Island Internet Society Growing

Today Yesterday, was the 7th Big Island Internet Society meet up at Big Island Pizza.

I’m sending this from my phone and will update this soon.  (Well as you can see… I guess my phone was backlogged or something.  Still trying to figure out why it wouldn’t post automatically).

Coqui Sprayer Loans to Continue

Media Release:

The County of Hawai‘i will be continuing its Coqui Frog Community Loan Sprayer program after previously announcing it would end with a public auction of the County’s coqui frog spraying equipment.

The loan sprayer program had been slated to end on April 30.

County Mayor Billy Kenoi announced today that the program will continue its current assignment of 26 County sprayers to coqui “cooperators,” or organizations that use the County’s sprayers on loan to control frogs in their communities.  Therefore, there will be no equipment auction.

The County currently loans coqui sprayers to community cooperators and employs its own two-member crew for coqui control.

Due to budget constraints, after April 30, the County will no longer be doing its own spraying to control coqui frogs. Community cooperators may continue using the equipment at no cost but they will be responsible for costs related to the sprayers including repairs and spraying materials.

The coqui frog community loan sprayer program, currently a function of the Mayor’s Office, will be moved to the County’s agriculture office in the Department of Research and Development. Until April 30, callers with coqui concerns may call 961-8065 for more information and referral to one of the County’s community cooperators to borrow a sprayer.

The new number for the loan sprayer program after April 30 will be announced.