My Pahoa Picture Up Top???

Well as most of the folks know in Pahoa, our town is changing rapidly and we are getting a Longs, a KFC and a Burger King SOON!

The “Header” picture I took was from about a year ago… the look of this sign is now changed.

Thinking about a new header and a complete new format for my site.  Some have said why do you just call it your blog when you provide more information then the local papers…

Well truth be told… I don’t provide more information… I have a lot of RSS feeds that provide interesting content and to be quite honest with you… my blog of late hasn’t contained much of my own content simply because I’ve been too damn busy too even think about my blog.

Much stuff has been happening in East Hawaii in the last 48 hours and I’d love to discuss some of the things… but I just can’t.

Thanks to all who have continued to follow my blog during this “down time”.  More to come in the next few weeks… unless I’m hired on longer!

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  1. Hi Damon:

    Glad to hear your “down time” of late is because you are toooo busy dealing with the rest of life — and not because of some health or other long term problem. Thanks for what you do — including what you are able to accomplish during a relative “down time”. Most everyone of us bloggers seem to be struggling to pay bills, spend time with family, and still find time to blog about what is going on in the world around us — most of which is not covered by mainstream media. I have settled for writing most of my blogs late at night when I am too tired to be working. But we all do the best we can in these challenging economic times.

    Who knows maybe some “anti-blogger” firm will hire you for big bucks — to keep you busy elsewhere!! Interesting times we live in.

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