Cable Linking Tahiti to Hawaii Lands in Kawaihae Today

Media Release:

Hawai‘i County Mayor Billy Kenoi and dignitaries from Tahiti marked the landing of a submarine cable linking the two countries today. This is the first Polynesian submarine cable linking French Polynesia (Tahiti) and the U.S.

The total length of the cable between French Polynesia and Hawai‘i Island is 3,107 Miles (5000 km). The highest depth is 19,500 ft (6000 meters.)

The name of the cable: Honotua.

“Hono translates to ‘link’ and Tua translates to ‘backbone, horizon at sea,’” says , Chairman of the Board of Office des postes et telecommunications (OPT). “Hawaiians and Tahitians have established links through voyaging canoes long before European explorers. Today, Honotua reestablishes this connection positioning both countries for improved communication technology entirely relevant for the information age.”

“The first ancestors of the Hawaiian people arrived from the South Pacific, more specifically from Tahiti. It is an honor for our island to welcome this cable, Honotua, a physical link with our cousins,” said Kenoi.

Office des Postes and Telecommunications,(Public Service Provider in Postal Services and Telecommunications of French Polynesia, Tahiti), Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Cable Systems, Wavecom Solutions are the key providers.

The cable will allow economic exchange with High Speed Internet Connectivity between French Polynesia and Hawaii, United States and the world. It will dramatically improve communication services throughout all the islands of French Polynesia, and allow more affordable international broadband internet connectivity.

Kealakahiki (Hawaiian for “the way to Tahiti”) is the name of a buoy that will be presented to Kenoi. It is a symbol of the end of the cable project.

“The possibilities for scientific research, distance learning, cultural exchange and telemedicine are among the opportunities for this region as a result of this historic landing,” said Edouard Fritch, vice president of the government of French Polynesia.

The Honotua project began 5 years ago. Cable laying started November 24, 2009 on the island of Bora Bora for the domestic link. The international link started on December 19, 2009. About $108,400, 000 has been invested for the completion of the project.

A cultural ceremony and other festivities celebrate historic event at Pu‘ukohola Heiau National Historic Park and Spencer Beach. In attendance are Kenoi; Fritch; Senator Richard Tuheiava (French Polynesia); Teva Rohfritsch, Digital Economic Development Minister of French Polynesia; Senator Kalani English (Hawai‘i); Voirin; Manfred Chave, OPT General Manager; Jean-Claude Teriierooiterai, Chairman Tahiti Nui Telecom.

The project has fulfilled every environmental assessment requirement.

Honotua links the French Polynesian Islands of Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine, Moorea and Tahiti.

The Honotua cable lands on Ohai’ula (Spencer Beach) in Kawaihae. Linking them with fiberoptic cable system in the Hawaiian Islands.

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  1. Let’s just hope the Tahiti-Hawai’i internet highway cable HONOTUA will provide new opportunities for local content providers too !!

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