Census Worker Shot At… Another Arrested???

Well the question has been put out there via Punaweb and in the interest of fair government and accountability I think I can respond in the following way to the question that was posted (my response below):

Well I’ve stewed on this for two weeks and can’t stand it any longer.

In talking with a friend who was a census enumerator, I was told of at least two events that should have been reported. Another worker confirmed his story. They both told me they were ordered not to talk about it. That’s why I’ve waited for it to come out elsewhere.

A census taker in lower Puna was shot at. They were initially instructed to ignore posted “No Trespass” signs and go unto private property. In the same area, a census worker who was following these instruction was actually arrested for trespassing. To make matters worse, the census bureau left this person in jail and didn’t help them get out.

My question is why is this being witheld from us? It seems a shooting and arrest involving government workers would be public knowledge.

I can’t comment too much on the allegations.

I will say that an Enumerator did report being shot at and the matter has been turned over to the Local Census Office via an Info-Com that was filled out after the incident.

I will also say that an Enumerator was arrested for Simple Trespassing and anything that needs to be found out about the case can be viewed as it is public record.

To the allegation that the Census Bureau “…left this person in jail…” is nonsense.

I myself talked to the enumerator while in custody and after talking to him, called up Waianae and did my best to deal with the situation. I then found out that he had himself bailed out on the $25.00 bail and was let go after agreeing to the court things.

I myself personally went down to the police department in Hilo to try and obtain records of the incident but was told that it needed to be on official Census Stationary… at which point I left it up to my supervisors.

This is all I’m gonna say.

1935 Honolulu – The Paradise of the Pacific

I love finding clips like these that show what life was like back in Hawaii before it was even a state.  This clip is almost as good as this one that I posted a while back.


Wordless Wednesday – My New Toy

The Nikon Coolpix L110 came out last month and I’ve been drooling to get one… so today I finally did.

Now I can finally start taking some decent pictures for Wordless Wednesdays!

Councilwoman Naeole-Beason on the International Energy Conservation Code

Commentary by Councilwoman Naeole-Beason:

Aloha mai,

The County of Hawai‘i has adopted the 2006 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code, with local amendments.  This adoption was done via Ordinance 09-48, Bill No. 385 (Draft 2) and currently has an effective date of May 11, 2010.  There are serious concerns about the necessity of this code for the County of Hawai‘i and the County’s preparedness to properly enforce this code.

As a result, I, Councilmember Emily Naeole-Beason have introduced Bill 234 delaying the effective date until January 11, 2011 in order to provide reasonable time to evaluate the new Energy Conservation Code as to its contents and if it is appropriate for the County of Hawai‘i.

Typically the adoption of an energy conservation code is to minimize the use of heating and air conditioning for energy savings purposes and accomplishing this through construction and materials which will provide higher R values.  In theory, with the higher R values, the need for energy consuming heating and air conditioning will be drastically reduced or eliminated.

Unfortunately, the new code will require a minimum of R-13 wall and R-19 ceiling construction.  This will have a major impact in residential construction by eliminating single wall construction, large open screened windows and many other currently common construction practices that make Hawai‘i housing unique and island living friendly.  It will most likely have a severe economical impact on residential construction.

We are asking all architects in the County of Hawai‘i to support Bill 234 to delay the effective date so as to give time to do a thorough review of the new code as to its necessity, cost effectiveness, requirements, and impact on the residential life styles presently found here in Hawai‘i.

We ask that you please make comment as to your thoughts the new Energy Conservation Code, either by written format or by a personal appearance at the Council meeting.  All comments will be much appreciated and will provide the necessary information needed by all Council members to approve the delaying of the Codes effective date.

If the Bill 234 passes and we obtain a delay, then we must organize a committee to do a thorough review of the proposed code to make sure it is what the County wants and needs and accomplishes the goal in a cost effective and efficient way.  It is very important that local architects and mechanical engineers that will be continuously dealing with the new requirements participate in the review process and we ask for your assistance.

Listed below are all the Council member’s email addresses and phone numbers so you can provide your comments, I have also included the email address for council testimony if you are unable to come in person.

Lau lima,

Emily Naeole-Beason

Council Vice Chair

Councilmember 5th District

Once in a Lifetime Opportunities

Once in a lifetime opportunities only happen to me… well typically once.

I’m stoked to learn that I’ll be going on another “once in a lifetime” opportunity in the next few days.  My wife and baby were also invited this time, however, they won’t be able to make the trip simply because my son’s much more busy then I am w/ T-ball and school coming up.

Those that are making it happen know who you are.

I know that not many folks get these kind of opportunities and I feel very appreciative to those that make them happen for me.

I guess good things come out in the long run, as I was expecting to be working next week, instead… this opportunity has come about!

Police Looking for Puna Trio That Ripped off $300,000 Worth of Stuff

(Click image to see larger view.)
Image: Okamoto mug shot Image: Ito mug shot Image: Cabbab mug shot
Okamoto Ito Cabbab
…wanted in connection with a burglary

Big Island police are asking for the public’s help in locating two women and one man in connection with a burglary on January 13. Police are seeking 29-year-old Lorene “Rene” Okamoto, 44-year-old Lorne Ito and 34-year-old Diana “Malia” Cabbab.

Okamoto is described as 5-foot-1, 160 pounds, with a heavy build, straight black hair and brown eyes.

Ito is described as 5-foot-6, 165 pounds with a medium build, black hair, brown eyes, a moustache and a goatee.

Cabbab is described as 5-foot-2, 125 pounds with a medium build, medium-length black hair and brown eyes.

Detectives assigned to the department’s Criminal Investigations Division are seeking these individuals as they are believed to have knowledge of the burglary, which resulted in the removal of approximately $300,000 worth of jewelry and other personal belongings from a home in the Hawaiian Acres subdivision in Puna.

Police ask that anyone knowing the whereabouts of any of these persons call Detective Lorenzo Artienda at 961-8839 or the Police Department’s non-emergency line at 935-3311. Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona. All Crime Stoppers information is kept confidential.

2010 Hawaii Census Rate Participation Down So Far

Despite what may be read in the newspapers or heard on TV, the Hawaii Census Participation rates are down incredibly from the year 2000.

You can view the actual State by State results here:  Census 2010 Participation Rates.

As of 12:00 today, this is where Hawaii is actually standing in the participation of the 2010 Census.  As you can see, it’s down considerably from this same point in time as the 2000 Census:

GEO ID ||Place Name ||Type ||2000 % ||2010 %
15007 ||Kauai County, HI ||County ||0.56 ||0.41
15009 ||Maui County, HI ||County ||0.55 ||0.37
15001 ||Hawaii County, HI ||County ||0.59 ||0.41
15003 ||Honolulu County, HI ||County ||0.66 ||0.51

Highway 130 Meeting Set for Monday April 5th

The next Highway 130 meeting has been planned.

A date of Monday, April 5, 2010 has been set for the next Keaau Pahoa Advisory Group Meeting #9. Please join us at 5:45 PM at Keaau Elementary School Dining Room to discuss what comes next in the process.

You can find the summary to the most recent meeting here:  KPAG Meeting 8 Summary.

Oh My God! Look What I Just Found

Click on picture for larger version

I just went out to take out some compost and look what I came across! I think these things are illegal in Hawaii!  (Update… I posted this from my phone and I don’t know why it’s taking so long to upload to my blog)

Rail Team to Donate $25,000 to Hawaii Academy of Science to Help Sustain Science Fair

Media Release:

The Honolulu Rail for Growth (HRFG) team of companies will be collectively donating $25,000 to the Hawaii Academy of Science to support the Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair (HSSEF). Each member of the Honolulu Rail for Growth team is contributing $5,000 to the donation. The team is led by Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA) and includes partners Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. (MHIA), KINKISHARYO International, LLC (KI), Thales Transport & Security, Inc. and Wasa Electrical Services, Inc.

The Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair is an enrichment program that stimulates interest in science and encourages students throughout the islands to enter science and engineering-related careers. Now in its 53rd year, the science and engineering fair is the oldest and largest science education program in Hawaii with nearly 12,000 schoolchildren participating each year statewide. The science fair will take place next week at the Hawaii Convention Center on April 6 & 7th.

Recent reports that the state legislature had cut funding for the HSSEF due to the state’s budget deficit prompted this donation. Chairman of the Hawaii Science Academy’s fund-raising committee, eye surgeon Dr. Neal Atebara, who was co-winner of the 1981 fair, called it the biggest crisis in the science fair’s history…

Continue reading

Big Island Candies & Sig Zane Designs Box Collaboration

Media Release:

Ka Lei `Ahinahina

Noho ana `o `āhinahina kūpaianaha i ke po`o o ka `ohu!

Wreathed in mist, the extraordinary Silverswords dwell with the summit clouds!

Ka Lei `Ahinahina

The Silversword chooses to live in the Wao Akua. This region is where the gods dwell and is near the summit of our tallest mountains. On Hawai`i island, the `ahinahina is a close relative to its cousin on Maui isle. “Lei `ahinahina” is a metaphor that there is nothing greater, as no other plants grow closer to the heavens. This is compliment given often to a wise person who has accomplished much in their lives.

Ka Lei `Ahinahina Print on a Big Island Candies Box

This special version of the esteemed Silversword is dedicated to Allan Ikawa and Lance Duyao. Both have been inspirational creating anew for every season and for their unique products.

Sig Zane with Allan Ikawa and Lance Duyao

Established in 1977 in the bayside town of Hilo, Hawaii, Big Island
is world renown for their Chocolate Dipped Macadamia Nut
Shortbreads, decadent brownies, exotic truffles and more. The
award-winning Hilo chocolatier is equally famous for their outstanding
product packaging.
Boxes are available at Big Island Candies Hilo location or through their mail order catalog.


IT Problems Put Accuracy of Census at Risk, Say Government Auditors

I wish I could talk more about the Census at this point… I’ll just let others talk about it:

Information technology problems at the U.S. Census Bureau could cause inaccuracies in this year’s constitutionally mandated count of the U.S. population, according to government auditors.

“IT problems place the efficiency and accuracy of Non-Response Follow-Up at risk and final decennial costs remain uncertain,” said Judith Gordon, the principal assistant inspector general for Audit and Evaluation at the Department of Commerce, in testimony before Congress last week.

Non-Response Follow-Up (NRFU) is the Census Bureau’s program for sending people into the field to count people who have not returned mailed Census forms. The NRFU is the Census Bureau’s largest operation and involves personally interviewing millions of people nationwide.

Robert Goldenkoff, the director of strategic issues for the Government Accountability Office (GAO), told CNSNews.com that “an estimated “50 million housing units out of a mail-out universe of about 120 million” will be non-respondents that will require an in-person follow-up to count.

The Census Bureau is specifically having problems with two IT systems. One is the Paper-Based Operational Control System (PBOC), which is the computer database where Census Bureau field operatives upload the data they collect from people who did not mail responses to the bureau.

The second is the Decennial Applicant Personnel and Payroll System (DAPPS), which is the system used to keep track of, and pay, the more than 600,000 temporary federal workers who help conduct the Census operations.

Last Thursday, the GAO released a report on the Census Bureau’s IT problems entitled, “Data Collection is Under Way, But Reliability of Key Information Technology Systems Remains a Risk.” The report indicated that the government has known about the problem for some time.

The report stated that last February, the GAO had testified that “key IT systems — most notably an automated system used to manage field-data collection known as the Paper-Based Operations Control System (PBOCS), and a personnel and payroll processing system called the Decennial Applicant Personnel and Payroll System (DAPPS) — were experiencing significant performance issues.”

The new GAO report concluded that IT problems have not been solved…

More Here: IT Problems Put Accuracy of Census at Risk, Say Government Auditors

Alesha “Ulu” Makuakane… Not Your Typical Teenage Saturday

Alesha “Ulu” Makuakane - goalie for the Kau High water polo team

Media Release:

Alesha ‘Ulu’ Makuakane played water polo in the morning and won Miss Ka‘ū Coffee in the evening. On Saturday, March 27, the Ka‘ū High School senior woke up, traveled to Hilo to captain her team as water polo goalie against Kamehameha Schools, and zoomed back to Pāhala to the pageant. She touched everyone by expressing her goal of helping native Hawaiians to improve health through good nutrition and fitness. Pageant Judge Nona Wilson, Director of Nursing at Ka‘ū Hospital, said that Ulu and her infectious smile are “from the heart.” Veteran Hawaiian entertainer and Judge Sammi Fo said, “Ulu’s hula brought tears to my eyes.”

Ulu also won both the Talent and the Interview trophies. During the interview, she talked about the future of Ka‘ū Coffee. She praised the hard work of the displaced sugar workers who have created a world-class coffee and industry for themselves since the Pāhala sugar mill closed in 1996.

Ulu is 17 and the daughter of Pāhala Community Center manager Winona Makuakane, and Paul Makuakane. The family lives in Wai‘ohinu. Ulu plans to attend college and major in health and human nutrition. “Obesity has become a major issue for Hawaiians, and I want to help these people lower these statistics so they can live healthy and active lifestyles,” she said.

Ulu said she loves Ka‘ū “because it is an undeveloped district with agriculture and pristine beaches. As a native Hawaiian, it is my duty to perpetuate the area for future generations to enjoy.”

Later in the evening capturing the Miss Ka‘ū Coffee Festival

Makuakane’s first public appearance since winning Miss Ka‘ū Coffee, will be dancing at the islandwide Youth Awards Banquet for the Boys & Girls Club on Monday, March 28 at Hilo Yacht Club. She and her court will represent Ka‘ū Coffee in the Merrie Monarch Parade on Saturday, April 10 and reign over the Ka‘ū Coffee Festival Ho`olaulea on Saturday, May 1 on the grounds of the Pāhala Community Center.

Miss Ka‘ū Coffee First Princess is Brandy Kayumi Haunani Shibuya, 21, of Na`alehu, daughter of Police Officer Dane Shibuya and Pāhala Boys & Girls Club director Terry-Lee Shibuya. Brandy won the gown and swimsuit competition. Second Princess is Eunice Nika Longakit, 15, of Pāhala, daughter of veteran sugar union leader Franco and Alejandrea Longakit.

Miss Ka‘ū Coffee Peaberry Queen is Karlee Kaliyah Kealaikamaile Fukunaga-Camba, 8, of Pāhala, daughter of Keala and Justine Camba. First Princess is Melia Kate Tabilin Okimoto, 8, of Pāhala, daughter of Sheilah and Malcom Okimoto. Second Princess is Kailee Kuhaulua-Stacy, 8, of Pāhala, daughter of Cheyenne Kaluahine and Sheldon L. Salmo.

The pageant was organized by the Ka‘ū Coffee Festival Committee and the Ka‘ū Coffee Growers Cooperative. Miss Ka‘ū Coffee earned a $1000 scholarship from the Edmund C. Olson Trust. Pageant Chair Gloria Camba, herself a coffee farmer and teacher at Pāhala Elementary School, said “it is wonderful that the entire community is coming out to support our coffee industry as it is important to the future of Ka‘ū.”

Vancouver-to-Hawaii Westjet Aircraft Has Trouble on Takeoff

A Westjet aircraft taking off for Honolulu from Vancouver Internatonal Airport had technical problems on takeoff and is now sitting on the south runway.

“Everybody’s safe on board,” said Alana Lawrence, YVR spokesperson. “It’s undergoing an inspection right now…”

More Here

Mahalo Google

Just checked out the recent INVESP rankings… and I think I have too much time on my hands.

Top Hawaii blogs by the number of pages indexed by Google:

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2 Damon Tuckers Weblog rss 4,600
3 SportsHawaii.com rss 3,570
4 Wailea Daily Photo rss 2,240
5 i L i n d . n e t rss 1,870
6 Pulpconnection rss 1,830
7 Hawaii Blog rss 1,610
8 SusHI | Sustainability in Hawai`i rss 1,540
9 Aloha Update rss 1,400
10 Honolulu On The Cheap rss 1,340
11 Beach Walks with Rox rss 1,300
12 An Island Life rss 1,230
13 The Kona Blog rss 1,110
14 Go Visit Hawaii rss 1,100
15 Midlife Crisis | Midlife Crisis blog, honoluluadvertiser.com | Honolulu, Hawaii rss 1,090
16 Hawaiirama rss 1,060
17 Everyones Blog Posts – TechHui rss 969
18 Planet Kauai rss 809
19 The Daily Dish | The Daily Dish blog, Catherine E. Toth | honoluluadvertiser.com | Honolulu, Hawaii rss 771
20 Leslie Wilcox Blogs rss 728
21 World Wide Ed rss 720
22 The Warrior Beat | UH football, University of Hawaii athletics | honoluluadvertiser.com | Honolulu, rss 682
23 Odds and Ends rss 679
24 Misc. Ramblings rss 671
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26 Hawaii House Blog rss 564
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HFIA Hawaii’s Wood Show 2010

The Hawaii Forest Industry Association is holding its 18th Annual Hawaii’s Woodshow at the Linekona Academy Art Center adjacent to the Honolulu Academy of Arts. The perennial question of Art versus Craft lands squarely on the side of Art at this show. Event Coordinator Marian Yasuda hosts a room full of creative wood furniture, sculpture, and turned pieces. Step into this world and see which of these wonderful items is inviting you to take it home.


Tree Trimmer Unavailable


HPD Busts Dealers in Pahoa Town

Media Release:

Hawaii Police Department Officers initiated several drug investigations earlier this year in response to concerns voiced by Councilwoman Emily Nae’ole-Beason regarding rampant street drug dealing taking place in Pāhoa Town.

A coordinated effort between the department’s Vice Section and Community Policing Officers led to the execution of a search warrant and the arrest of three individuals on drug related offenses. Aaron Johnson, a 39-year-old Pāhoa man, was arrested and charged with promoting a detrimental drug after a warrant was served on his car and person, resulting in the recovery of 10 grams of dry processed marijuana in several baggies packaged for distribution.

Also arrested in connection with the investigation were Michael Carvalho and Michael Lancaster, both 23 and both of Pāhoa. These individuals were released pending further investigation.

These arrests are part of the police department’s ongoing effort to curtail the proliferation of illicit drug distribution in our community. We encourage concerned citizens to continue providing tips to the Vice Section at (808) 934-8423.  Individuals wishing to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona.  All Crime Stoppers information is kept strictly confidential.

Taj Mahal and Ledward Kaapana to Tour the Islands

April 16, Friday – Big Island
The Honokaa Peoples Theater – Honokaa ( 808-775-9963 )
$45. Adv. $50.Door $55. Gold Circle
Doors: 7:30 pm Show: 8:00 pm.

April 17, Saturday – Maui
The Royal Lahaina Resort – Kaanapali ( 808-661-3611 )
Tickets: $45. Adv. $55. Door $65. Gold Circle Tables
Gates 7:00 pm. Show: 8:00 pm

April 18, Sunday
Kauai Kilohana Plantation ( 808-337-9234 )
Tickets: $40. Adv. $50. Door $55. Gold Circle Tables
Doors: 5:30 pm. Show: 6:00 pm.

County of Hawaii… Why Don’t You Try and Buy These Lands?

The Eugene developer owns thousands of acres of coveted koa trees in Hawaii, but getting permission to harvest them is a difficult task…

…His JRH Engineering is owed money by Arlie & Co., a major local real estate company that has filed for the protection of bankruptcy court while it reorganizes its finances. And harvesting koa on land that Arlie owns in Hawaii has been batted about in bankruptcy hearings as one way for the company to repay the $873,734 it owes unsecured creditors — including $8,930 that belongs to Hanks’ company.

Money owed to unsecured creditors isn’t backed up by any collateral that the creditors could seize.

In a three-hour meeting with the unsecured creditors committee earlier this week, Arlie’s forester touted the value of koa timber that covers much of 5,600 acres of land Arlie owns in Hawaii, Hanks said.

Arlie executive vice president John Musumeci said during a recent bankruptcy hearing that harvesting the rare timber, which only grows on Hawaii, could produce a couple of million dollars a month.

“My preference, right now, given everything I know — and we want to be open with everybody about this asset to the extent it makes business sense — now is the time to harvest it,” he said, later adding, “Let’s just go ahead and harvest it…”

More Here