Koa Puna Hanging at Pahoa Village Cafe!

What Tsunami?

A Tsunami of Cars in Pahoa Town Today

I have never seen Pahoa town as crazy as it was today.

I didn’t have my camera with me when I went to Black Rock Cafe this morning… however, this is what I saw when I came back…  courtesy of a friend of mine.

Gas line into Pahoa earlier this am

Cell Phone and Driving Law… A Twist No One Probably Knows About!

I just noticed from the latest Hawaii County Police Commission Meeting Minutes (Chief’s Report)  that there is a twist in the cell phone and driving law.

If you are pulled over and on the phone… YOUR ENGINE MUST BE OFF OR YOU CAN STILL BE CITED FOR A TICKET.

“…Regarding the cell phone ban, when pulled over to use the phone, the vehicle’s engine must be turned off. The commission asked that they put out a press release about this…”

Time Lapse of the Hilo Bay Tsunami Today



Hawaii County Civil Defense Message:

Entry to all coastal areas is now prohibited.  First Wave estimated time of arrival 11:00 am.  Oceancraft well off shore not at risk.

Thank you for a successful evacuation.


There will be siren intervals counting down to the actual waves that are expected to hit.

Siren Schedule 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and 10:30

Hawaii County Civil Defense has asked folks to be evacuated

HAWAII COUNTY CIVIL DEFENSE: Evacuations Ordered for No Later than 10:00 AM

6:15 AM (Hawaii Time):

“TSUNAMI WARNING IN EFFECT. All in evacuation zones are ordered to evacuate no later than 10:00 AM. Stay off Roads. Listen to Radio for Updates. Stay Off Roads.

Yes I Know We Are Under a Tsunami Advisory



Doing too much…

nuff said!