Submarine Cable Linking Tahiti to Hawaii Landing in Kona

Media Release:

Hawai‘i County Mayor Billy Kenoi and dignitaries from Tahiti will participate in the landing of a submarine cable linking the two countries a cultural ceremony and other festivities will mark the historic event.

WHO: Edouard Fritch, Vice President of the Government of French Polynesia; Senator Richard Tuheiava (French Polynesia); Mayor Billy Kenoi, County of Hawai‘i; Teva Rohfritsch, Economic Restructuring Minister of French Polynesia; Senator Kalani English (Hawai‘i); Francois Voirin, Chairman of the board, Office des Postes et Telecommunications (OPT); Manfred Chave, OPT General Manager; Jean-Claude Teriierooiterai, Chairman Tahiti Nui Telecom.

DATE: Monday, February, March 1, 2010

TIME: 7:30 A.M. Welcoming remarks; 9 a.m. Greeting ceremony at Spencer Beach; 10 a.m. Festivities at Pu’ukohola National Park.

LOCATION: Pu‘ukohola National Park, Spencer Beach

PARKING: Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel from 6:30 – 4 p.m. There will be a shuttle to transport media to the park. There is limited parking available on site.

A Two Newspaper State?

I’m probably the last person in the local blog scene to comment on the purchase of the Honolulu Advertiser by Star Bulletin owner David Black.

My Comment… No Comment!

Another sad day for many journalists… the end of newspapers is happening slowly and sadly.

I predict many Star-Bulletin layoffs and I see more news getting “Fronted” by folks who don’t understand news and are more out to just “Break News” instead of really investigating things.

So be it…

I predict the Big Island will be a one newspaper island within three years and then eventually I don’t believe this island will have a newspaper.

It will be dominated by an Online presence.

Pierre… can you hear the Big Island yet?

Not Easy Being Named Kermit! Kermit Apio at The Great American Comedy Festival!