Gag Me… I’m Not a Reporter!!! The Republican Governors Association… Ack!

I just got the following in my email… looks like the candidates have me on their list!  :roll:

I will reiterate once again to the two folks that read this blog… that I’m going to do my best not to be political with MY BLOG!

Folks please remember if I do get a PR from a candidate that does not mean I endorse that candidate.

I’m not playing those stupid games that newspapers try and do at times.  Its up to you folks as voters to decide who the best candidate is.

(Obviously I’m not a republican… but I wouldn’t call myself a democrat either)

Reporters –

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Tim Murtaugh, and for the 2010 election cycle I will be your media contact for the Republican Governors Association.

Between now and November, we will be paying close attention to Hawaii’s race for governor.

If you have any questions or need any information at any time, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

Here is my contact information:

Tim Murtaugh (pronounced Mer’-taw)

Direct Line: (202) *** – ****


I look forward to working with you.

Tim Murtaugh

Director of Political Communications

Republican Governors Association

1747 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 250

Washington, DC  20006

(202) 662-4140

Anthony Marzi to Run for Hawaii Senate District 4 Seat Again?

A little birdie told me that Anthony Marzi will be a candidate for Hawaii Senate District 4 again this year.

I wish Mr. Marzi the best of luck as I think he’s a very bright young man.

Mr. Marzi, if you read my blog, feel free to confirm or deny this little bird that I overheard.

Planning Commission Considers New Guidelines for Downtown Hilo

Media Release:

The Windward Planning Commission is about to consider a package of zoning code changes that evolved from the community’s vision for Downtown Hilo. Planners have spent nearly six years in consultation with residents, business owners and others, and this package is one product of those meetings designed to guide future development of the historic Downtown area.

The proposed changes are an effort to preserve the old town ambiance of Downtown Hilo with its views of Hilo Bay, while positioning the area for redevelopment that respects and compliments Hilo’s historic roots. The plan will help preserve the feel of the most pedestrian-friendly neighborhood on the island, while encouraging property owners to incorporate landscaping, lighting and other improvements into their projects to make downtown more safe and attractive.

“These changes have been carefully thought out by people who live, work and visit downtown, and they will serve as a guide to make this special area even more inviting and unique,” said County of Hawai‘i Planning Director Bobby Jean Leithead Todd. “We want to encourage investment in Downtown Hilo while preserving the special character of the area, and this plan accomplishes that.”

In keeping with the effort to encourage a pedestrian-friendly environment and to preserve the existing scale of development, the proposed changes would reduce the existing 120-foot height limit. The new height limits would be 60 feet for makai areas below Kino’ole Street, and 80 feet for areas set further back from Hilo Bay. By comparison, the Bayshore Towers complex near the shoreline is 145.13 feet tall, and the tallest building in the central downtown area today is the 62-foot Hawaiian Telephone Company Hilo Building.

At the same time, the allowable low-rise development density would be increased by about 35 percent to allow for an additional 15 units per acre throughout the Downtown Hilo area…

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Pedestrian Safety Class Offered in Hilo

Media Release:

The Traffic Division of the Department of Public Works and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will host a public education workshop on designing streets for pedestrian safety with a focus on “enhancing pedestrian crossings.” The all-day class is set for Tuesday, March 16, in Hilo at the Aupuni Conference room of the County’s Kaiko`o office complex.

Peter Eun, a safety engineer, and Craig Allred, a transportation specialist assigned to the FHWA Resource Center’s Safety & Design Team, who assist with designing and planning pedestrian safety programs nation-wide, will conduct the workshop.

The workshop curriculum will cover best practices and research applied to planning and designing roadways and U.S. standards for pedestrian safety at crosswalks. Eun & Allred will share research by the Transportation Research Board (TRB).  The workshop will also discuss sidewalks, human behavior of both drivers and pedestrians, the latest guidelines of marked versus unmarked crosswalks, lighting, new technology in improving safety at crossings, innovative techniques for pedestrian signals, road diets, and proper designs for roundabouts…

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Happy Birthday Larry Czerwonka

We here on the Big Island are blessed to have one of the greatest online coders in the world living here on the Big Island.

Happy Birthday Larry Czerwonka!

Thanks for inspiring me… some day I’ll be able to learn more then I already know and I appreciate all the guidance you have given me.

Happy Birthday… what??? 32?