So We Had Another Earthquake… Lucky We Live in Paradise

I was on the road today when I got the civil defense message that there was a 3.4 earthquake registered off Kalapana today.

Living here in Hawaii close to all the possible natural disasters that could possibly happen here… I still honestly can say there is no better place in the world to be… lucky we live in paradise!

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  1. Unfortunately Hawaii, Chile,and Haiti are on the foundations for natural disasters with many more fault lines across the world. Volcanos could be affected. Chile’s earthquake surpassed 1975’s, also a high magnitude quake. Chile holds the record for the largest earthquake ever recorded in 1960 and since 1960 there have been loads of them.

    YOU should be proud to live in Hawaii.

    Chilean Tremor Shifted Earth’s Axis and caused a shortening of days; as reported by softpedia . com

    I live 90 miles from Yellowstone’s super volcano which is on a list of eleven, stage 8 eruptions which will vaporize everything in its’ path for many miles. The Yellowstone Caldera on Wikipedia is 34 miles (55 km) by 45 miles (72 km).

    The world is in serious trouble and man isn’t doing it as much as nature’s natural cycle. I believe strongly that man can’t reverse nature. I believe the Carbon Tax is a scam/scheme. The news media should tell the truth about ” How The Earth Was Made” (also a dvd title), instead of only mashing Al Gore’s politics into the equation . I believe man contributed to global warming, but also think that a few million years ago it didn’t help when the planet spewed lava continuously for millions of years. Asteroids and volcanos co-existed for a long span of time too.

    Overall, I agree with you on not regretting where I choose to live despite the risk.

  2. I was sitting at my desk when this one rattled the building. The first I have felt in quite a while. You can so easily miss a small one while walking or driving.

  3. Second.

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