Beat… But Not Broken

Well today began my first day of Census Training.  Spent the majority of the day at one site where we had a large turn-out then traveled to a couple other sites… only to realize the site I started at was actually the one that would need the most help.

Started this morning at 5:30 am… ended at 7:30 pm.

I’m beat… but not broken.

Tomorrow I have to make a run across the island… so that will be a nice little down time to myself for awhile.

3 Responses

  1. Time to tap on that sponsor…Mehana…and crack a few brews. Get some rest buddy and tell these weiners that are trying to hate on you to kick rocks…



  2. Incredible waste of tax payer money.

    • That was a vague comment…

      However… to be even more vague… I will say that much of government spending is a waste of tax payers money.

      If you are talking about what I personally am doing… I don’t think I’m wasting anyone’s dollars as I’m busting my ass and not even reporting most of the night work I am doing on my actual time sheets.

      My drive today to Kona was mandated to meet up w/ others.

      I’m not gonna speak any more on this subject as I know this is a touchy issue all over the nation.

      I will commit to you Big Island folks… that I will personally do the best I can.

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