Kayaking in the Umauma River Courtesy of KapohoKine Adventures

Last weekend I had the opportunity to do a lot of things with my old high school friend Dave Haggen, courtesy of a few great companies.

One of them was KapohoKine Adventures, who gave me an opportunity to go Ziplining again which I will be blogging about when I get time.

But before the tour started, and because Dave and I arrived early, they opened up this killer little area that I had been to before, but this time I got the nerves to actually go kayaking in the Umauma river.

Kapohokine worker "Honey" assists me into the kayak

I slowly paddled out into the middle as there wasn’t much water compared to the last time I had been there, so I wasn’t afraid of a flash flood or anything.

Paddling Out

When I got out to below the waterfall, I felt a bit nervous just thinking what if a bunch of water just all of a sudden came rushing down the river… So I turned myself around.

Fighting the wind despite having the current

And as I got closer to landing the kayak, I realized my friend had my camera!

Hey... that's my camera!

I really appreciated last weekend more then words can say.  Mahalo to those that made it happen.