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I can’t believe with post 9/11 security that someone can blatantly get away with stealing a car from the Hilo Airport w/out having anyone notice anything.

"Our beloved manny was stolen from the airport parking lot either tuesday late or wednesday. this car is so unusual , someone might see it. police think it would be hard to get it off island, even if they repaint it. it is bright turquoise and looks like a combination vw bus and pickup truck, with the bed gates down looks like a vw flatbed truck. it was made this way and we constantly had offers to buy it. please keep your eyes open for our car, been in our family for years."

If anyone has seen this rare car… please contact the email in the picture below.

It’s very distinct:

"...they said it was the first car ever to be taken from the "secure" parking. they are reviewing all their tapes. yes, (we) left the parking stub in the car on the dash as they tell you too and they used it to get out. they have retrieved the stub and are dusting for fingerprints. they had a 2 or 3 day head start, it might already be off island but the ports have also been notified. We are trying to get it home.. my email is lsawyer29@hotmail.com ..."

Big Island Agility Club is Hosting a NADAC Dog Agility Trial

Media Release:

The Big Island Agility Club is hosting a NADAC Dog Agility Trial at Paw’s University in Kona on February 27th and 29th, 2010.  Both days of competition begins at 8:00 a.m.

It’s Free and open to the public to watch.  Bring a chair or a mat, and cheer on your favorite doggie team.

Dog agility is a competitive sport in which each dog and handler are a team. Each team runs an obstacle course together for the fastest, cleanest run time.  The dog runs the obstacles and the handler guides the dog thru the course.  Besides the thrill of competing, dog and handler create a style of communication and a deepening of their relationship, plus provides a positive and athletic outlet for the dog and handler.


T-Ball Saturday