So When Does the Census Count Actually Take Place?

I’m not authorized to speak on behalf of the Census Bureau.

However, the actual “Census Day” is April 1st… no this is not a joke.

In the meantime, pretty soon approximately 200 + folks will be spanning out across the Big Island looking for YOU… if you are not at a regular mailing address.*

Embrace the Enumerators as they come onto your property.  They are only there to drop off the questionnaires and make sure no physical changes have happened to the area, like a new street or new house has been put in the last few months.

*Much of the Big Island is this way

Neil Abercrombie Brings on Social Media Expert. Mayor Kenoi… Wake Up Already!

I’m stoked to see Neil Abercrombie bringing on a Social Media expert for his run for the Governor.

I actually asked Mayor Kenoi’s Public Relations Specialist, Hunter Bishop,  the following question last Friday via email:

Has Mayor Kenoi ever thought about hiring a social media expert?

I believe someone skilled in social media could eventually save the county money in the long run.

I got the following answer:

Thanks for your interest, Damon. But I don’t think we’ll be hiring anyone in that capacity any time soon.

I really think the county needs to wake up and start hiring some folks that know what they are doing when it comes to the internet, websites, and public access.

Our counties web sites across the table are a frigging disgrace.

I know our county government could hire just a few people in a few departments  that would  actually get the job done quicker online then most of our county workers do, by using the current methodology of work.

Big Island is still in a paper wasted system where folks are too laid back at times.