My Weekend With Dave

Picture Courtesy of Dave Haggen

I’m so stoked that I got to spend the last weekend taking my old high school friend, Dave Haggen, around on a few Big Island excursions.

It’s been a long time coming for me to reunite with this buggah and it was great to see him.

For most of us that went to school at Sehome… we all remember him as the cool kid that disappeared during his sophomore year… however, within the last couple years I have bumped into him online.

Well he is still the cool kid Dave… he has lost about as much hair on the head as I have… (teasing Dave… LOL as I too am bald!)

It was great seeing Dave after all these years and I’m glad he is doing well and hanging out like the rest of us…

I’ll be posting some pictures soon and blogging about some of the stuff we got to do after all these years soon…

Just wanted to say thanks to the Haggen “Clan of 25” for allowing me to take Dave away from you folks and I apologize for getting him home late.

I know… I know… I was always getting him in trouble back then… and looks like I messed up again by getting him back to your clan on time again. (I take full responsibility)

At least the next day I was able to get him back to the hotel on time. I can say… “I got Dave home in time for the first time in some 27 years huh?”

Love you Haggens… Mahalo for letting me take Dave away from you guys for the weekend.

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