Haters… Pfft! Get a Life!

I recently found out the following email was sent to at least one of my sponsors.

It may have been sent to more but that is not my concern nor am I concerned about “Haters”.

I am writing in regards to a web site on which your advertisements appear. It is a site hostile to the culture and ecology of Hawaii, containing numerous inflammatory and erroneous statements.

Advertising on sites such as these not only degrades your image to individuals educated on subjects featured on the sites but also validates the half-truths and misinformation disseminated by the site to those to less informed.

Please visit the site. Attempt to verify information contained on his site with authorities on these subjects such as University of Hawaii professors, the HDoA, DLNR, etc.


Thank you for your time,

J.R. Miles

This message should be of especially great importance to a business of your nature

My simple response is something to this effect:

…You’d be amazed at some of the Kooky comments and hate mail I get sent to me personally for allowing some folks to comment on my site.

I take it in stride and realize there are many people in the world with just too much time on their hands and too much hate built up in them so I tend to not even respond to most of the kooky stuff…

Folks need to get a life and quit being so hung up on peoples personal lives at times. Well at least I know that folks are at least looking at the Sponsors of my blog.

Mahalo Sponsors for standing by and understanding that I am who I am, and any of you are more then welcome to pull any of your ads at any time you feel I’ve wrote something offensive to you.

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  1. Who is this J.eR.k Miles?

    He / they are now faxing the above post (and Damon’s reply email) to my place of business…Dear J.R. Miles: should you read this comment, PLEASE STOP THE FAXING IMMEDIATELY. Or, better yet, post your fax # and I’ll return the “favor”…you have upset my employees and disrupted my business. Thanks a bunch.

    As for Singer, what I can’t understand is if someone doesn’t agree with / endorse what he writes, why then give him a forum and post it on the blog? It may be more effective to provide your point of view via a comment, otherwise it is easy to assume you support his position.

    Allowing “the kooks that will at least stand by their names have some say in this world” is at best a misguided charitable endeavor, yet a totally illogical reason for letting Singer flame on…

    • He sent the following to the original sponsor today:

      Thank you VERY much for clarifying. The site was sent to me via email link and I didn’t realize it was a blog, I thought it was an online news outlet. My sincerest apologies…

  2. You are a bigger person than me, posting that kind of slander. Geesh… get a life is right! This person obviously has no real clue what you are about or what you are doing for Hawai’i Island. What a shame that anyone would waste their time on such dribble. I agree, they should have at least come to you, not your sponsors. That is a real chicken s**t way to act. Also in sending a letter to a sponsor, they are not really saying who they are, they could be someone completely different. As my great grandmother used to say, “Only you truly know what you stand for and who you are. If you can stand tall then do it. If you cannot not, fix it so that you can. “

  3. So when something says something about your blog or sponsors, they need to get a life, but when another blogger has advertisements from businesses you have objections about- you can spam and criticize?

    • Depends on your definition of spam or “Criticize”.

      For those I care about… they take my “Criticism” with a grain of salt and know that I do have a degree in Communications and part of what I learned was reading and defining the difference between an advertisement and an attempt at making a dollar by ripping off folks.

      Constructive criticism is met by others in many ways. I don’t have time to go into this now.

      If one feels negatively towards my criticism… I’m sure I’ll hear it back from them.

  4. Damon, shine on all these hatin mofos. Tell em to kick rocks!!

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