Floods vs Drought in Hilo

This video showcases astonishing footage of the 1994 & 2000 floods in Hilo, comparing these to dry conditions in February 2010. Hilo is notorious for being the wettest city in Hawaii, with rain averaging 130 to 200 inches per year at various elevations. But to truly appreciate the floods, you need to see the riverbeds when they are dry; hence this video. To learn more about floods in the Aloha State, visit CSAVs Natural Hazards Hawaii web site, at http://www.uhh.hawaii.edu/~nat_haz/fl…

More flood videos coming soon! Mahalos to contributing videographers Ed Sorenson, Clyde Notley, David Phillips, David King, Dave Whilldin, Al Honda, and Don Whitely.


3 Responses

  1. wow, now my little one no longer wants to go to the Big Island. i’m sure he’ll change his mind.

  2. Wonderful videos!!!

  3. I love those kind of videos “now and then”! By the way, just after you posted this, it started raining cats and dogs. Hmmmm.

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