An Aha Moment… Thanks Mom

I’ve been enjoying the ahaBlog a lot of late as Jasmine reminds me a lot of my own mom raising me when I was a child.

Well my mom was more of a “Sixties” rebel… she stood strong in making a decision young in my life to separate herself from my father for the benefit of herself and most importantly… me.

The ahaBlog reminds me at times how fortunate I was to have a mother that cared enough about me to raise me as a single mother. I have so much respect for single mothers.

I really think that many men are just straight up assholes at times for abandoning or being straight pricks to the ladies that raise their children.

Thanks Mom… for raising me as a single mother… and hey… ahaBlog… thanks for being a great parent.

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  2. Thank you Damon, My immediate goals were to keep you safe …away from your father and his addictions, with a secure roof over our heads and food on the table and to have quality time for US every day. Early on I learned not to expect any child support. My second goal was to get a college degree where I could give you the highest standard of living on a gov’t salary asa social worker/counselor as I could. In the middle of that I had to stay emotionally clear that I would survive Non-Hodgekin Lymphoma at age 27; and live to see you educated ,with a wife and family that accept you and love you as you are. You are making me proud. You have become a fine and honorable young man.

  3. Wow, thanks, Damon! I hadn’t even logged-in today to my ahaBlog account to check mentions because I thought I’d read your blog, first! And, alas! I see this! A pleasant surprise – seriously, thanks for continuing to read my blog. It encourages me to keep posting my adventures as a parent. So much to write about, so little time. Yet, there are so many awesome aha’s that I don’t want to miss documenting and sharing with awesome people like you. Kudos to your mom for doing an awesome job in raising you! I can only imagine how much harder it must have been for her, especially during that time.

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