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I recently got home after a week on Oahu and have had a few days to think about a post that Oahu blogger Ian Lind posted “Responding to thorny questions about blogging and bias

It seems some folks doubt the sincerity of Ian’s blog and the position he writes about at times.

What the heck people… It’s his damn blog and he should be able to do whatever he wants with it.

Some folks may remember that Hunter Bishop had ads on his website for both Angel Pilago and Billy Kenoi during the election season.  If my memory serves me correct, he charged each of them $30.00 per month for those ads.

How is a measly $30.00 a month from any local politician going to influence any real blogger?

Ian is hearing comments like this:

Honestly, I think that since you work on the inside you shouldn’t blog period. If I were an elected official, I would a) never hire you or your relatives b) Never respond to any question you posed. How do we know if the person who’s signing your checks does something unethical you’re not looking the other way? How do we know your questions aren’t being written by your employer in a biased way?
I say stop working at the leg and blog full time. And then you can advertise all you want…

Geez… I can’t understand some folks venom at time? Ian has been an investigative journalist long before blogging ever came about. If Ian’s blog bothers you so much… don’t read it!

I previously mentioned that I won’t accept any political ads on my blog this year only because I don’t think it’s worth the money and people thinking I endorse one candidate or another simply because I have an ad on my blog.

I was earlier questioned by former councilman Bob Jacobson as to why I had Dr. James Weatherford’s blog posted on my site… but I did clarify that simply wasn’t true.

Why do people get so huffy puffy about things we write on our blogs? It’s just our own personal opinion of things.

Accusing bloggers who work for the government in one capacity or another of having biases because of their jobs is crazy. People in Hawaii need to wake up at times and realize that government workers across America are blogging… sorry it’s taken so long for folks to get a grip here in Hawaii.

Just to remind folks… I was the one that broke the story on the Kenoi smear… not Hunter… Although he compiled the facts… (that should say something as I was a supporter of Pilago)  Why would I as a blogger point out that Kenoi was getting smeared when I supported Pilago?

I try and be as neutral as I can on things at time when I see something bogus.





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  1. seems people have some interesting misconceptions; 1st everything that anyone writes is biased, there is no such thing as un-biased reporting. having been a reporter for years myself i know this first hand, no matter how how hard you try every article still includes the pieces of the interview that you selected to share with the reader, un-biased reporting does not and never has existed. 2nd running ads DOES not mean you endorse the advertiser it means THEY endorse YOU and wish to reach your audience. And having people contribute to your “blog” (i really wish people would just use the word web site and articles) does not mean you agree with everything hat they say and in fact it is better for everyone if a wide range of views are presented, otherwise we become an echo chamber of the same thoughts and beliefs which leads to stagnation as a society and an inability to come up with better solutions to our community problems.

  2. Why do people get outraged? Because it’s easier to get outraged than to be constructive.

    But speaking of “political things on blogs,” I was interested that you seem to be posting entire essays by Sydney Ross Singer. Are you endorsing those essays or will you post any essay that is passed to you? (FWIW, I think it’s a mistake to _not_ exercise editorial control over your blog.)

    • For the most part, if someone wants to send me an editorial or essay and they stand behind their name and its not some hate piece… I will publish it.

      But in all honesty, if I published everything and everything that people sent to me… Including Mr. Singer, my blog would eventually become overloaded with stuff that it would be hard to distinguish anything on this site.

      If it’s a slow “Blog” day… I’ll post more things sent to me then others.

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