The Calm Before the Storm

I’m slowly getting myself ready for the next week on Oahu… and I’m already thinking about things that need to be done when I get home.

As some of you may have read or heard, I was chosen as a Field Operations Supervisor for the 2010 Census so for the next few months I’m gonna be quite busy.

I’m not sure what my job details are at this point but I sure hope I’m not having to knock on doors again! I mean I will do it if I have to… but dang I’m telling you there are some scary properties and some even more scary dogs on this island.

I’m pretty much packed and ready… just need take care of the bathroom supplies after I shower tomorrow.

I’ll miss my Ohana for a week, but I look forward to making history in 2010 and hopefully we can get all the people accounted for on this island so that we can get the Federal money that is so needed here.

3 Responses

  1. Congrats on you selection, do a great job, the census is very important.

  2. Good Luck!

  3. Good Luck! Damon! and hopefully the dogs don’t bite on this Census assignment when you get back.

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