County Council District 5 Race: A Poll

If the elections were held today for the County Council District 5 race, who would you vote for? *update* (I believe the results are only getting updated about once an hour)

[polldaddy poll=2588117]

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  1. Aloha Damon
    Thanks for running this poll.

    In the interest of equal time I wish you could post Barbara Lively’s website: as you did for Dr. Weatherford. Her site is fun and has a number of good photos. For those of you who don’t know Barbara yet, you should get to know her. She is an articulate, resourceful mom and community worker who knows Puna well.

    a hui hou
    Bob Jacobson

    • Just for clearing the air here.

      I posted Dr. Weatherfords “Blog Site” on the website, and not my own site.

      When Dr. Weatherford formally announced his candidacy, I removed it from the website as I didn’t want to show favoritism to ANY Political Candidate.

      The FBIBlogs is set up for folks from the Big Island to talk about things that interest them.

      However, I will not allow any current candidates to be a part of it.

      If Barbara would like to write a blog after the election, she is more then welcome to submit her blog for FBI Review…

      I hope that clarifies anything.

      • Aloha Damon
        I am sorry if my words seemed huffy to you. That was not my intent. Just simple curiosty. James is a nice guy as I think you are.

        • No Bob, I was commenting directly to what someone had said on Ian Lind’s Blog posting and the general attitude a couple folks have displayed in general to “Blogs and Bloggers”.

  2. Thank you for response…Showed candidates in different order this time…..Brad

  3. How did you decide listing order of candidates in poll?

    • It should be randomized each time someone comes to the poll. I originally thought about doing it alphabetically but then I saw the option given by the poll service to randomize the answers.

      Please let me know if it’s not randomizing the order.

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