Civil Unions bill Passes Hawaii Senate With a Super Majority of 18 out of 25

As Tweeted by Senator J. Kalani English:

  1. Civil Unions bill passes Hawaiian Senate with a super majority of 18 out of 25. half a minute ago from Echofon
  2. We are voting right now on civil unions bill. Each Senator is called by name; we must vote, yes or no. We are at the moment of truth! 2 minutes ago from Echofon

  3. We are at the edge of history as the Hawaiian Senate votes on civil unions now. 3 minutes ago from Echofon

  4. We will vote very soon on civil unions! 7 minutes ago from Echofon

One Response

  1. Yay!
    Come over to Hawaii for your “civil union” – we need your money! (Not to mention, its the right thing to do)

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