New York Times to Charge Readers for Online Content

I new this was coming… and it will only be a matter of times before our local newspapers try to do this as well.

I don’t see anyone on the Big Island that would buy this online content… especially with our local papers.

America’s most popular newspaper website today announced that the era of free online journalism is drawing to a close. The New York Times, the so-called grey lady of US media, has become the biggest publisher yet to set out plans for a paywall around its digital offering, abandoning the once unshakeable orthodoxy that internet users will not pay for news…

More Here: New York Times to Charge Readers for Online Content

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  1. What you fail to mention, Damon, is that even if ANY newspaper fails to get a SINGLE person to pay for online content, they won’t lose a single penny. They are currently only making money on print subscriptions, so anything more is just a bonus. On the other hand, they now have a valuable bargaining chip. They could offer free unlimited website access to people who purchase a trial print subscription, for example.

    Bottom line: this is a zero-cost venture that can only have a positive effect on their balance sheet.

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