Ack… Why Didn’t I Pull a U-Turn?

Dang nabbit… I saw the Google car yesterday, and I have been wanting to talk to the driver ever since I found out the “Google Street View Car” was on the Big Island.

I was driving up Highway 11 and I saw it coming into town… had I not been going 55 MPH and not late for where I was going… I would have trailed that buggah.

I’m telling you now… before this Google Car leaves the Big Island… I will do my best to try and get a picture of it here!

Damon Tucker = Google Car Stalker… LOL

2 Responses

  1. Hey, Damon — thanks to your blog I noticed it as I passed it as it was heading up the hill while as I was heading into town on Hwy 11 from Volcano side. Da buggah move too fas’. Good luck!

  2. I saw it again this morning. I have possibly been on it four times now!

    Next time I see it I’ll call you on the Bat Phone.


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