Civil Defense Message on the VOG Today

Civil Defense Message:

This is an air quality update for Sunday, January 17th. Persistent light winds are causing poor air quality across Hawaii Island, especially in the communities in upper Puna and Kau, due to emissions from Kilauea volcano. However, heavier than normal vog is being reported Island wide. The National Weather Service is forecasting wind conditions to stay the same through the holiday weeked. Individual reactions to the emmissions in your area will vary. However the Department of Health recommends : Residents affected by emissions are advised to stay indoors and use an air conditioner if available. Limit physical exertion. Drink plenty of fluids. If you have medications, make sure you have them readily available. For exposure to emissions, the CDC recommends the use of inhalers before symptoms appear. Dont smoke and avoid second hand smoke. If you are experiencing negative health effects from emissions it is recommended that you leave the area. Local air quality usually improves after a few hours. Again, volcanic emissions and are having a negative impact on air quality island wide. National Weather Service forecasts wind conditions to stay the same through the holiday weekend. Residents should be prepared for possible exposure to emissions.

15′ Waves Close Down Hapuna Beach… Video

This is video of the surf that closed down Hapuna Beach yesterday.