No… I Didn’t Lighten My Skin!

This is a picture of me from the year 1980 nearly 30 years ago.  I had quite the afro going and I’m pretty tan.

I’m just posting this here because I noticed that it’s “Throwback Week” over on Facebook and everyone is posting pictures of when we were younger.

It’s a good kick looking at old friends when we were young.

5 Responses

  1. A Halfro!

  2. That’s not an afro… you inherited your haole uncle’s curly hair… and eventual baldness.

    You are soooo cute in that picture!

    • Well considering my two half brothers on my dads side had the same hair as me growing up… I’d say the chances are that it is a Half “Afro” on my dad’s side.

      They are also going bald or are bald… so genetically, I think my hair is “half an Afro”.

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